BLACKFOOT – If the response to Taco Time’s re-opening on Friday is any indication, Blackfoot residents are more than happy to have the restaurant back in operation and open for business.

A full parking lot and cars backed up onto Sexton Ave., for the drive through only made for more smiles inside the restaurant as employees were feverishly working to make sure that each and every customer had a delightful experience.

“We cannot thank Blackfoot enough for this wonderful demonstration of how much they enjoy our food,” new manager Richard Santillan said. “Thank you all so much for making this day so memorable for us.”

The idea of getting fresh-made 99-cent crisp tacos and crisp bean burritos may have been the draw, but the food and service was good as well, showing that the two managers, Jake Whiting and Richard Santillan, were set to make good on their promise to serve the community above and beyond what they may have expected.

The customers in line weren’t just taking advantage of the 99-cent specials. They were ordering everything on the menu and the employees were working as fast as they could to make sure that every customer was served quickly and efficiently and received more than they expected when they walked in the door.

The restaurant was clean, bright and cheery, and it wasn’t just for the lunch hour. The restaurant was busy for the bulk of the business day and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“We were so excited about the opening, we took up orders from the entire office and I was the lucky one who got to pick up and deliver,” a customer from Riverside who declined to be named said. “We are so happy to have Taco Time open once again and we will make sure that we include them in our lunch plans whenever possible.”