Thanksgiving dinner

While local food banks offer boxes for people to create meals at home this Thanksgiving, other organizations and businesses open their doors to the public for free meals.

The headlines in a 1954 paper (probably The Daily Bulletin) read “BEST COOKS IN TOWN PRODUCE OLD FASHIONED TURKEY DINNER.” It was written by Helen Christensen and is as follows:

“All the best cooks in town both women and men must have collaborated to produce the Thanksgiving dinner put on by the Golden Age Club last Wednesday evening in the Legion Home for members and guests. Lucky me I was a guest.

“Three luscious turkeys were slow baked to the peak of tenderness by members who spent the day preparing the food for the gourmet feast. Dish after dish of such special trimmings as sweet potatoes, dozens of salads, hot home-baked rolls and topped off by pies of every kind were in abundance.

“The pies were the male members’ contribution to the dinner and don’t let anyone tell you, they can’t make pies as good as any woman. A pie-baking expert, Mr. Myers made an apple pie 4 inches thick ,not of crust, but of apples covered by a delicate pie crust, flaky and delicious. There must of been 10 lbs of apples in that one pie, I know, I worked my way through a huge piece, and it was wonderful.

“The annual turkey dinner put on by the Golden Age Club brings both members, and prospective members together. I’ll tell you something else too: The conversation at the table was not about the recollections of the old times either. It was about the good times these young oldsters have at the weekly meetings, the local dances they attend, farming and by events that are happening today around the town and the world.

“After the dinner, guests settled themselves for the evening’s program which started out with a reading by Erwin Evans on ‘The Human Anatomy’and funnier than most monologues given by TV entertainers.

“Two piano numbers were played by Robert Williams and a group of vocal numbers sung by Max Covington, accompanied by Mrs. Tamara Lockhart, with the audience joining in the chorus of ‘Bicycle Built for Two.’

“For being the oldest man in attendance at the dinner, Charlie Harris was presented a gift by the club and Mrs. Dorothy Olsen received a box of chocolates for the oldest lady present.”

The dinner was put together by the Golden Age Club officers and chairman, Amelia Jones; Mrs. Earl Edgerton; Mrs. Emma Ball; Mrs. Mary Tomlinson; Dick Stevens; Bob Pendlebury; Flora Donahue; and Melvin Isom.