Julianne Young

Julianne Young

As summer slips away, parades, fireworks, and picnics have, once again, commemorated and celebrated our cultural and political foundations: foundations of courage and unwavering confidence in eternal truths worth making the ultimate sacrifice for.

Lest we begin to take those foundations for granted, a glance around the world reminds us that there are places, even today, where entire nations live in a straight-jacket of political correctness, where government is God, and the price of belief in any truth or power greater than government means imprisonment, torture, and death.

Those who practice Fulan Gong in China today are among those paying the price of living in a culture where the government has supplanted God. Fulan Gong is an ancient Chinese spiritual discipline consisting of moral teachings and meditation. Its foundational values are truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Yet, it has been met by anything but truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Beginning July 22, 1999, China’s atheist and dictatorial Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which fears all groups outside its control – particularly those that subscribe to a different ideology — has launched a ruthless campaign to eradicate Fulan Gong practitioners.

This is not a first. The Chinese Communist Party has tried several times to eradicate all expressions of religion from China (a country traditionally referred to as “the land of the divine”). To this day Roman Catholics, many Protestants, and Tibetan Buddhists cannot worship freely in China and are at constant risk of detention and torture, but those who practice Fulan Gong have paid a particularly dear price for their “crime of conscience”.

In addition to imprisonment in work camps and routine physical and psychological torture, international investigations have uncovered undeniable evidence that tens of thousands of Fulan Gong practitioners have become a lucrative source of transplant organs and plastinated cadavers, with hospitals boasting transfer times on organ transplants which indicate that organs, including hearts, lungs, and livers, were lifted from one living individual and transplanted to another for tens of thousands of dollars per transplant. While many governments, including the United States Congress, have condemned the torture, murder, and marketing of the bodies of Fulan Gong practitioners, evidence suggests that the practice continues.

How could any civilization tolerate such a barbaric practice?—the development of a lucrative market for the murder of men, women, and children—individuals who are “prisoners of conscience.”

The harsh reality is that when a culture publicly rejects a belief in God and moral law and allows government to become the moral compass of the people, the stage is set for tragedy. A power-hungry government will not promote moral standards that limit their own ultimate authority, and, if given the chance, will commit heinous crimes against humanity in order to eradicate moral systems of belief that threaten their ideological supremacy.

While summer days may fade away, our commitment to the things we value must not. May we press forward with renewed determination to continue to uphold principles of limited government and defend with courage and conviction the right of every individual to peacefully live in accordance with their convictions and conscience. May we safeguard and hold high the light of freedom and the right of personal conscience.