John Miller

John Miller

We’re almost two weeks into this new endeavor now, and it truly feels like things are coming together for the good. Kinks are being worked out.

We’re never going to be totally perfect, though we’ll always strive to do our best and make our best better (doesn’t that last statement go back to the 4-H organization, which I belonged to?).

One major hurdle is being jumped now, though you’re not seeing it quite yet. That major hurdle has had to do with printing the obituaries of local people or former local residents. You never know how much people in and outside the community want to see obituaries until they don’t see them for a number of days.

We’ve heard the pleas on a daily basis. The process involved in doing that here is fairly sophisticated. But obituaries are coming, and not just from the Blackfoot funeral home but the funeral home in Shelley as well. That conversation was had with one of the funeral directors up north just Thursday morning.

You’re not seeing obits today because there were none to print. But the process is in place. Still, that process is totally foreign to some of us who have gotten so used to simply cutting and pasting those important items into pages we design totally hands-on ourselves with much different software.

When I tell people how different this process is, they seem amazed. If you see any hiccups still, please bear with us.

I’m enthused by the responses I’ve seen to my requests for news submissions from throughout Bingham County. You’ll see it in our weekly “Books” page on Sunday with the variety of reading material featured from libraries in Blackfoot, Snake River, and Aberdeen.

You’re seeing it in our Faith page today. You’ll see it grow on our weekly Business page. I’d like to see it grow more on our weekly Entertainment page, so if any local entertainers need to have a spotlight shown on them in our pages, please feel free to bring them to our attention.

Another area we want to build up that is vital to people in this county is farm and ranch news. Emily Hone, one of the best in the business for years when it comes to ag news, has been trying to work on something for that for Sunday as well.

I put out a call in the Chronicle’s inaugural edition for county residents to help us record history in our pages like never before, and you are responding, and I thank you. As I said then, we want to make this newspaper “hyper-local,” more than it is now, and we mean it.

Give us the news, not just from the bigger towns but from smaller towns like Goshen, Basalt, Riverside, Atomic City, Pingree ... if you live anywhere in Bingham County, feel free to let us know what’s happening around you. We want to know. Give us a call, send us an email.

Thank you for your support.

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