Thanks for levy vote

Blackfoot is an amazing community. Over this past school year, I have seen an unbelievable outpouring of support for the students of the Blackfoot Community. I have seen it at all schools and all grade levels, the love and support this community has for its students is second to none. I have said many times the Blackfoot School District is the second most diverse school district in the state of Idaho. I, for one, love that trait of our community. Our children have the opportunity to learn of differences and celebrate them. I will be the first to admit with more than 3,800 students, we have a lot of moving parts. As is the case with all moving parts, there is bound to be friction. The one common thing that motivates us to look beyond the friction is our children. Our community takes great pride in the accomplishments of its youth, and I, for one, would gladly put them up against the best of the best. I would invite any patron and/or community member to drop by and ask our administrators to show you around. Please, take a moment to see the daily miracles occurring in our classrooms. You may very well see some friction, but you will undoubtedly also see our students becoming resilient and meeting the challenges.

The support we received for our supplemental levy was incredible. I would like to thank you on behalf of our teachers and staff. Without this levy, we would have difficulty providing diverse programs and opportunities. Our elementary schools work miracles! I am in awe of the ability our teachers have to not only educate small children, but inspire them and help them discover their amazing talents. Over the last 5 years, our sixth grade school has completely reshaped itself and now when our students leave that building and staff, they are better prepared for life-long success. Our middle school is an amazing place. The variety of classes offered in our middle school are unprecedented for a district our size. Never mind the fact they have amazing teachers. The best kept secret in our district is Independence High School. This staff works relentlessly to help our students who need a little more assistance. Rather than throw in the towel, these staff members dig in harder and never give up on a student, no matter what it takes. Blackfoot High School is an amazing place, again some daily friction, but if you look closer, you will see amazing students doing phenomenal things. If you want to graduate early and leave with two years of college credit, BHS has an answer. If you want to learn a vocational skill and leave high school prepared to hit the workplace, BHS has an answer. I could go on and on regarding the choices our students have due to the amazing staff and programs we have at BHS.

The bottom line, we could do none of this without the continued support of our patrons. You are an integral part of the success in our district. As I said, there is bound to be friction, but I 100% believe we are more alike and aligned than we are different. Thank you for the support, we take very seriously the trust placed in us with the approval of this levy. God Bless! And don’t be a stranger, drop by and see the good things happening, the miracles occurring on a daily basis.

Brian Kress

Blackfoot School District Superintendent

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