John Miller

John Miller

We’re now three issues into the new Bingham County Chronicle. This has been a vastly new experience, it’s had a couple of growing pains, but we’re still excited about the prospects for this endeavor.

A couple of corrections or additions from what I said in my “letter” in Tuesday’s inaugural edition:

  • The number for our front desk is (208) 683-8169. The number (208) 683-8161 will take you to the circulation department of the Idaho State Journal in Pocatello, but feel free to use that number for subscriptions or any circulation matters.
  • The email addresses printed at the bottom of page A4 in Wednesday’s edition for local staff members were missing a letter. The addresses for local staff will end with the extension “”
  • Please make note of special email addresses for news and calendar items. For news items, you can email them to For calendar items, email items to And feel free to send along photos in .jpg format. We’d love to see them.

The response we’ve received here since our inaugural edition arrived in mailboxes throughout the county Tuesday has been very enthusiastic and much appreciated. We thank the community for the encouragement.

The staff here is seeing a quite different way of doing things, different from what we’ve been used to for quite a while. But we’re still excited and will keep working out any rough spots. This is still a work in progress, but we’re getting to where we want things to be. This is a fast-moving process and we’re only going to get better, so stay tuned. We’re getting in a groove here.

One of the things we want to build up are our feature pages. These are the things we have in mind:

  • Sundays: Book reviews from all the libraries in Bingham County.
  • Tuesdays: Business, highlighting businesses throughout the county. Feel free to send us business story ideas.
  • Wednesdays: Health
  • Thursdays: Entertainment — You will see my first attempt at this today.
  • Fridays: Faith.

Again, feel free to send us ideas for any local content including photos in any of these pages or any other pages. You have our addresses.

And again, thank you for your support.

John Miller is editor of the Bingham County Chronicle.