ATOMIC CITY – Atomic Motor Raceway has reached the halfway mark of the 2019 season, and in a lot of cases, as much as the results may have changed, things remained the same.

In the ever-popular Modified Racing Class, Heath Denny, driving the #22 car, came in from Utah to snag the win and thrust himself into the spotlight for one week at least.

Denny sped around the track in the main event in the fastest and most powerful of the classes to take the Saturday night race and snag the points for the win.

Finishing in second was the 00 car of Junior Flores who hails from the Blackfoot area. The race earned Flores his biggest point total of the season thus far as he gave chase throughout the 25-lap main event on Saturday.

In third was the 55L car of track owner Blake Lyle. Lyle has been the most consistent of the Modified Class through the first five weeks of the season and leads the overall points totals.

Modified Class season leaders are as follows:

55L Blake Lyle 173 points

45 Coltin Jackman 172

19T Kevin Turner 164

75R Ray But 157

00 Junior Flores 109

73 Corey Kortum 66

3J Jacob Jones 66

22 Heath Denny 37

21 Travis Metz 36

07 Jerry Bailey 35

68 Ron Moser 34

48 David Soulek 31

The Street Stock Class is almost as popular as the Modifieds, and the drivers always try to put on a show for the fans. The problem there is that they also push it to the max and sometimes cost themselves a chance at finishing the main events. That seemed to be the case on Saturday night as there were nearly a half-dozen cars that started the heat race to determine the main event lineup and the cars limped off the track at the end of the heat. The end result was that there were only two that could answer the green flag for the main event, and neither one was able to finish the race, even though it was shortened in length on two occasions. Since nobody could make it to the checkered flag, the season points will look virtually the same as they did a week ago.

31 Jason Spence 164

1 Jake Amrein 159

16 John Lake 67

12 Doug Standlee 34

17 Brandon Austin 33

55 Zac Cox 33

43 Jesse Jenkins 32

75X Eddie Price 31

3 Caden Peterson 31

The Mini Class is turning into a one-man show of late, as the driver of the #6 car, Doug Standlee, continues to rock and roll around the small track at Atomic City as if he owns the place. The way he has been running, it looks like it is his own little paradise and nobody dares to step over the line that he has drawn in the sand. It was that same mantra that played out once again, as Standlee took the lead shortly after the start of the Main event and simply dared anyone to pass him or event try to get close enough to pass him. The others tried, but they ended up taking each other out of contention lap by lap, until there were only a few left on the lead lap of the race and they were all chasing Standlee, but they were almost lapped themselves and had to finish second, third and fourth.

Standlee was the winner and the Arco native went to his usual place following the finish to accept the accolades of the crowd. In second was Mackay driver Jeff Schaeffer in the 64X car. Third was none other than the 23 car driven by Caden Paterson of Pocatello.

In the season standings of the Mini Class:

6 Doug Standlee 179

21 Blake Lyle 141

64X Jeff Schaeffer 137

02 Rob Jackson 104

23 Caden Paterson 99

75 Jake Amrein 36

81 Hailey Cornwall 32

21 Brandi Jackman 31

16 Snoopy Carlquist 31

The Hornet class seems to be growing week after week and driver Orinda Newman has been taking advantage of the newcomers and had won two weeks in a row in dominating fashion.

The young driver (this is only her second year behind the wheel) has been driving like a veteran and she was on the verge of taking over the lead and storming to her third straight top finish when she lost a tire and had to exit off the back side, leaving Derek Nelson all alone on the lead and being chased by one of the newcomers this year in Dani Beebe. Beebe, however, was about to have troubles of her own when she lost sight of the finish and when the cars were forced to finish under a green white checker, she allowed herself to be passed late in the run by veteran Herb Ahu, who ended up claiming the second spot in the race. The winner was Derek Nelson of Arco who sailed around to a very easy win, although he was chased by Herb Ahu of Atomic City. Beebe was clearly the third best driver on the course on Saturday and she settled for third place. Beebe hails from Moreland and it was a good finish for her.

Season standings in the Hornet Class go as follows:

57 Orinda Newman 169

87 Herb Ahu 166

26 Derek Nelson 105

75 Dani Beebe 98

17 Levi Carlquist 63

45B Brandi Jackman 63

17 Snoopy Carlquist 32

17 Sebastian Jenkins 31

11 Tyson Taylor 31

Racing in the area will now switch to Pocatello Raceway, where the cars and drivers will test their mettle on the asphalt raceway. For the next several weeks, the racing action will be fast and furious in Pocatello where the gates open at 5 p.m. and racing will start at 7 nightly.