BLACKFOOT – In the annual battle for Bingham County, the wrestling teams from Blackfoot and Snake River got together for a friendly little match.

The problem is, when these two meet, it is a battle and there isn’t much friendly about it.

Both Blackfoot and Snake River have aspirations of a state championship or at least a top placing and bringing home a team trophy when they gather all of the best grapplers in the state for the state championships Feb. 28-29 at the Ford Center in Nampa. Both teams are loaded with potential medal winners at that tournament, the biggest in Idaho, so this was to be a great test of who was the best team and who will represent Bingham County the best when they get to the Treasure Valley.

In essence, this match is for all the marbles as far as Bingham County goes.

In this case, the match was all about Snake River’s dominance. The Panthers won the match 54-30, despite forfeiting three matches along the way. The rest of the Panthers’ team simply took control of their matches and won the team contest in a handy manner.

Snake River 54 Blackfoot 30

98 — Hali Statham (Snake River) over Unknown (For.).

106 — Luke Moore (Blackfoot) over Unknown (For.).

113 — Easton Gardner (Snake River) over Avian Martinez (Blackfoot) (MD 17-4).

120 — Brayden Anderson (Snake River) over Carter Lindsay (Blackfoot) (Fall 2:48).

126 — Emilio Caldera (Snake River) over Eli Abercrombie (Blackfoot) (TF 18-3 5:46).

132 — Esai Castaneda (Blackfoot) over Unknown (For.).

138 — Austin Despain (Blackfoot) over Kolten Carter (Snake River) (Fall 4:00).

145 — Kyle Richardson (Snake River) over Cole Inskeep (Blackfoot) (Fall 4:51).

152 — Tate Benson (Snake River) over Brock Armstrong (Blackfoot) (Fall 3:03).

160 — Lance Hunter (Snake River) over Tanner Soucie (Blackfoot) (Fall 5:40).

170 — Marcus Mortensen (Snake River) over Micheal Edwards (Blackfoot) (Fall 4:59).

182 — Nick Chappell (Blackfoot) over Unknown (For.).

195 — Nick Chappell (Blackfoot) over Kade England (Snake River) (Fall 0:53).

220 — Nicholas Parris (Snake River) over Dragen Robinson (Blackfoot) (Dec 9-8).

285 — Ty Belnap (Snake River) over Dragen Robinson (Blackfoot) (Fall 5:32).

In addition to the varsity making a statement for Snake River, the Panthers’ junior varsity performed well. Following are the JV matches that were recorded on the evening.

Carter Inskeep (Blackfoot) over Edurson Wescott (Snake River) (Fall).

132 — Ryan German (Blackfoot) over Gary Hunter (Snake River) (Dec 11-9).

138 — Gary Hunter (Snake River) over Austin Ramirez (Blackfoot) (Dec 7-4).

138 — Jake Gibson (Snake River) over Dallin Ellis (Blackfoot) (Fall 5:28).

145 — Lane Carter (Snake River) over Jimmie Johnson (Blackfoot) (TF 18-2 5:13).

145 — Jaxson Austin (Blackfoot) over Mitchell Simmons (Snake River) (Dec 2-0).

152 — Wyatt Samargia (Snake River) over Tiffany Romero (Blackfoot) (Fall 1:44).

170 — Jack Gibson (Snake River) over Alex Nawrocki (Blackfoot) (Fall 4:32).

182 — Maverik Malm (Blackfoot) over Dylan Anderton (Snake River) (Fall 0:58).