BLACKFOOT – For the second time since Rupe's Burgers started sponsoring the annual Rupe's Two Man Best Ball Golf Tournament, Bryan Bosworth and Justin Hagar have been named the winners of the two-day tournament.

“We couldn't be happier,” Hagar said. “We play together all the time and we have learned how to play off each other, so when one of us hits a good shot, the other one is ready to carry the load.”

The year 2020 has presented a number of problems for the tournament, including being forced off its normal dates in the calendar from the second weekend in July to the third weekend, but it didn't slow down the entries for the prestigious local event.

The tournament is capped at 208 golfers, divided into two-person teams and there were at least 20 teams on the waiting list this year when play began on Saturday morning.

“We just have to cap the tournament entries in order to get finished before dark,” sponsor Kevin Rupe said. “It isn't that we don't want more golfers in the tournament, we just want this to be the best tournament we can make it and this seems like the best way to do it.”

The tournament was split into the following flights: Championship, First, Second, Third, Senior and Ladies in order to get all 208 golfers involved.

There was some great play during the tournament, which also included a hole in one on the first hole played by golfer Ron Ramsey, who aced #10 in the shotgun start Saturday morning.

Scores were low for the most part and in the Championship Flight it required two additional holes to determine the winner, when the teams of Drew Damron and Greg Long finished tied with Hagar and Bosworth.

After the two-hole playoff, Hagar and Bosworth emerged with the victory and will split the $1,000 first place prize which is awarded in pro shop merchandise.

Following is a complete list of the top finishers in the various flights:

Championship Flight

Bryan Bosworth and Justin Hagar 67-63=130 * Won a two-hole playoff $1,000

Drew Damron and Greg Long 65-65=130 $700

Brock Buffat and Matt Stranski 65-66=131 $500

Mike Law and Jeff Simon 63-72=135 $350

Jake Barron and Matt Meador 70-66=136 $200

Steve Jensen and Ricky Dotson 72-65=137 Lap prize: $100

First Flight

Aaron McLaughlin and Farren Hunt 68-68=136 Tied for first and second $850

Rod Gilstrap and Caden Campbell 68-68=136 Tied for first and second $850

Wacey Lopez and Andrew Kinney 67-70=137 $450

Adrian McKinney and David Knoff 68-71=139 $300

Brian Cushman and John Davis 68-72=140 $200

Dennis Payne and David Wilkes 74-67=141 Lap Prize: $100

Second Flight

Mike Harris and Matt Harris 70-69=139 Tied for first and second $850

Jerry Duke and Cal Lindsay 65-74=139 Tied for first and second $850

Greg Knittel and Ernie Eggers 70-71=141 Tied for third and fourth $425

Art Jiminez and Nick Rice 72-69=141 Tied for third and fourth $425

Magic Smith and Merle Smith 74-69=143 Tied for fifth $66.33

Pete Moser and Seth Moser 74-69=143 Tied for fifth $66.33

James Spoklie and Chris Baker 73-70=143 Tied for fifth $66.33

Doug Goodwin and Larry Jaeger Lap Prize: $100

Third Flight

Tyler Lopez and Matthew Michel 66-68=134 $1000

Fred Bailey and Jason Bailey 71-69=140 $700

Pat Teton and Sonny Dixey 73-72=145 $450

Chad Phillips and Marcus Coby 73-74=147 Tied for fourth and fifth $250

Tony Torres and Eddie Carnahan 74-73=147 Tied for fourth and fifth $250

Tyler Kelley and Cricket Lopez 76-72 Lap Prize: $100

Senior Flight

Hal Nelson and Terry Turpin 65-65=130 $420

Efren Quintero Sr. and George Yowel 65-66=131 $300

Mark Beebe and Jerry Magee 66-67 Tied for Lap Prize $50

Jim Houtz and Larry Bagley 70-67 Tied for Lap Prize $50

Ladies Flight

Daniele Mabey and Andrea Collins 62-62=124 $460

Elaine Asmus and Juanita Dayton 61-64=125 Tied for second and third $250

Erica Kalives and Lisa Wilmore 61-64=125 Tied for second and third $250

Lori Day and Shelley Harris 68-61 Lap Prize: $100

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