Blackfoot Broncos Junior Football Camp gets underway

Over 50 youngsters greet the Blackfoot High School coaches and players on opening day of the Junior Football Camp Monday.

BLACKFOOT – The Annual Junior Bronco Football Camp got under way Monday morning with around 50 youngsters showing up to greet the coaching staff of Blackfoot High School’s football program. They were all eager to begin learning and playing the game of football.

The kids were broken into groups and began going through their various drills. They went through passing drills, running drills, hand-off drills, tackling drills and pass defense drills, and they all to co-mingle and work with not only coaches but also high school players.

The mere chance to play with the kids that they idolize from the high school program meant more than anything to those youngsters.

There were smiles on their faces and sheer determination that they showed on as they ran down the field looking at a ball thrown in their direction intent on making the catch, along with smiles when they came back to the group having made a catch and showing off their skills to the other players in their group.

They were players, at least for a moment, they were a player at the top of their game.

The same thing was demonstrated in each group, when a youngster made a good play and received praise from the coach or high school player. Those are the moments that camps such as this one are made for.

These kids are making memories that will last for a lifetime and the coaches and players are the keys to making it happen.

When the camp is over, whether the youngsters become any better player or not, they will remember this time and they will see themselves as being better and developing the skills that will have them playing high school football in just a few short years.