Blackfoot's version of Mercury, the winged footed Greek God is Teegan Thomas

Teegan Thomas of Blackfoot breaks free on a 70-yard run following the block of Chavis Young as he sprints away from Skyline defenders.

BLACKFOOT – Teegan Thomas burst onto the scene of Blackfoot High School athletics in a big way on Aug. 29 when he ran for five touchdowns against Lakeland in Holt Arena as part of the Rocky Mountain Rumble.

Thomas was fast that day, so fast that at times it seemed as if he had wings on his feet, much as the Greek god Mercury was rumored to have. In those ancient times, Mercury was known as a winged messenger and if that is the case, then the message that Thomas was sending to the rest of the high school football teams is that he had arrived and he was going to bring misery upon them with his athletic skills.

To say that Thomas is fast is probably a major understatement. He is more than fast as he is also strong and has proven to be very durable in his role as running back on the Blackfoot High School football team. He has shown that he also has a lot of patience as he waits for the blocks in front of him to unfold and create a running space for him to dash through.

You may not think that a five-foot, seven-inch, 165-pound running back might have some issues with durability and be suspect to injury, but Thomas has been everything that you could hope for when it comes to durability.

In his most recent attack on opponents’ defenses, Thomas ran the ball 36 times for 263 yards and a touchdown on a pass reception. In six games this season, Blackfoot’s version of Mercury has amassed 1,268 rushing yards and he has scored 14 touchdowns and he still has at least three more games to go in the regular season.

With his per-game average of over 210 yards, Thomas is on pace to reach nearly 1,900 yards by the end of the season and will likely hit the 20-touchdown mark. Those are the statistics that the Greek god Mercury would be proud of.

There is more to Teegan Thomas than just stats from a football game. He is a hard worker and has a great work ethic as shown in his off-season workout regimen.

Not only is Teegan the fastest sprinter at Blackfoot, he works out with Cheapseat Barbell Club in the off-season to increase his speed and strength.

Teegan recently set four national records for lifting in the 16-17 age group and credits Cheapseat Barbell Club, run by his uncle Luke Shawver, with a lot of what he has accomplished so far this season.

According to Shawver, Teegan’s ability to to create great ground force in the deadlift has paid off on the track. His times are faster and he finishes better than he did before he started working with the weights.

In his most recent game last Friday against Skyline, Thomas was able to show off some of that durability he has worked so hard to gain. He was as fast and as strong in the fourth quarter as he was at the beginning of the game. He ripped off a 70-yard run with around six minutes left in the game that set up what proved to be the game-winning score for the Broncos in a 27-20 win over the Grizzlies.

With this kind of ability and work ethic it isn’t any wonder that the Broncos are 5-1 on the season and likely to be one of the talked about teams when the football playoffs begin in a few weeks’ time.

“I love football,” Thomas said. “I love the way that our team is coming together and the way that the line is blocking. I know that if I give them a chance, the block will get made and I just try and do my part to make the right cut off the blocks and get the most I can out of the run.”

This week, the Broncos will be facing the additional pressure of Homecoming and the opponent will be Madison, a tough 5A school that has given the Broncos trouble in the past.

“I hope that everyone will come out and support the Broncos for Homecoming this week,” Thomas said. “We know that this is the ‘Buck Bowl’ and we all want to give coach Buck a win this week against the Bobcats.”

You can count on Thomas doing his best to make sure that will happen. He will be getting his chance to run his favorite play, the counter, where the offense tries to get the defense to bite on going one direction before turning the play the other way and misleading the defense is part of the game plan.

Game time on Friday will be 7 p.m. at Bronco Stadium in Blackfoot.