BLACKFOOT – It was a rough Friday night for Bingham County football teams as four of the six would go down to defeat.

While Snake River moved to 2-0 on the year and Firth bounced back from an opening season loss to West Side, Blackfoot, Shelley, Aberdeen and Sho-Ban all went down to defeat.

The most surprising of those losses may have been Aberdeen, who — following a big win over American Falls — traveled to Declo and basically laid an egg on the Hornets field as they fell by a score of 21-6.

Shelley was facing the defending state 3A champions in Sugar-Salem and fell 40-0 while Sho-Ban, in only their second game in over two years, was handled by Rockland 58-14.

Declo 21, Aberdeen 6

Following an opening season win over arch rival American Falls, the Aberdeen Tigers were expected to travel to Declo and take care of business against the two-time defending state champions. Such were the dreams of the Tigers as they made the trip to the Magic Valley.

As things turned out, the Hornets are still the defending state champions and until someone knocks them off of that pedestal, that is the way it is going to remain.

Aberdeen was stifled in a 21-6 loss at Declo on Friday night.

The Hornets still know how to play football, defense is still tough, and they can still run the football.

Payton Foster scored the Tigers’ lone TD on a run.

“We just got beat up front tonight,” Aberdeen coach Jeff Duffin said. “I’m just really perplexed.”

Things will not get any easier for the Tigers, who must hit the road again for a game against North Fremont, the state runner-up from a year ago. North Fremont is now (2-0) on the season following a 16-14 win over 3A Teton last Friday evening.

Aberdeen (1-1) plays next Friday at North Fremont (2-0) with kick off slated for 7 pm.

Sugar-Salem 40, Shelley 0

Ever since the Shelley Russets finished as runner-ups in the 3A classification to a champion team from Fruitland, the Sugar-Salem Diggers have been getting more than their share of accolades for the way they play the game.

This was supposed to be different. The Shelley Russets were now a 4A team and the Diggers certainly couldn’t come to Shelley and beat down the Russets could they? Well, the answer, sadly, is yes they can.

Shelley could not match the intensity, the speed nor the defense of the Diggers on Friday night. Things were not helped by the fact that the referee crew that was supposed to handle the game failed to show up and the game did not start until after 8 p.m.

While the Russets are under the guidance of new coach Josh Wells and they are learning a new offense and defense and they have a lot of young players, the Russets fans are not used to a team that loses games by the score of 40-0.

It is going to get better for Shelley, maybe sooner than later, but it is hard to rebuild a team from the ground up in just one season, and that is what is going on right now. Be patient Russets fans, good things are coming to your sports arenas and probably sooner than later.

Next up for the Russets (0-2), will be a home game on Friday against the Hillcrest Knights (1-1) with kickoff scheduled for 7 p.m., providing the referees show up on time

Rockland 58, Sho-Ban 14

Everybody knew that this was a rebuilding year for Sho-Ban, after all, they hadn’t played football in two years and they had a new coach in Tim Wilson.

They came out and scored 30 points in their opener after traveling eight hours to get to Pyramid Lake, Nev. They may have lost 50-30, but they scored 30 and that was a win in a lot of people’s books.

This week, the challenge was to tangle with a team that was experienced, tough, and likes to win games. The end result was a 58-14 win for Rockland in which the Perrman family dominated the stats sheet.

Whether it was Brigham Perrman on an 80-yard kickoff return, Braden Perrman running and passing the ball for a touchdown or even Gavin Perrman running and passing the ball, it seemed that a Perrman was scoring. There were Perrmans all over the field and making plays. It must have been like watching triplets for the Sho-Ban Chiefs and you never knew where to look, but when you opened your eyes, there was a Perrman there. It must have been a nightmare for Sho-Ban.

The Sho-Ban Chiefs can score which is good. They will learn to play defense, which will help even more. They are entertaining and they will bring the football show that is the Sho-Ban Chiefs to the field again next Friday when they will host the team from Owyhee in a contest that will begin at 7 p.m.