Hailey Gee, senior Middle Blocker

Hailey Gee has been playing for four years with the Firth team and was one of the team leaders in several offensive categories.

FIRTH – Hailey Gee is a very solid athlete that has been a three-year starter on both the volleyball team and the basketball team. Capable of 20 points and 10 rebounds in basketball, Gee was often the glue that kept the Firth Lady Cougars on track and winning so many matches in a row as the season would progress this year.

“The bonds that we were able to make this year were just sensational,” Gee said. “We all got along so well, we liked the same music and musicals and we could sing the songs together, but when we needed something else during a match, we each knew that we could dig down inside and come up with a big play.”

Gee is the daughter of former Firth High School principal and now Superintendent of the Ririe School District Jeff Gee and he had done a lot of coaching over the years to help her develop her athletic skills.

“I owe a lot to my dad and also the great coaches that we have at Firth,” Gee said. “The experiences that we have had over the years with the travel and chance to be with each other and form those relationships are priceless. I am going to miss those long bus rides to the state tournaments and to some of our league games.”

Gee is also the sister of a former player who was all-conference in both volleyball and basketball and taught her to be relentless in her pursuit of excellence.