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BLACKFOOT – In a meeting set up and organized by the Idaho High School Activities Association, IHSAA director Mike Federico addressed members of the local media.

Federico wanted to make sure that the lines of communication were open between his office and the media outlets in the state and that this was just one of the six meetings that were being held throughout the state, one meeting in each of the six school districts.

Most of the conversations surrounded the rule changes that had been implemented. Some of the changes were simply part of clearing up the language in place, but some were things that needed to be cleared up and emphasized for the future.

The first cleared up how scrimmages and practices were to be conducted and who could or could not be involved. Primarily, all practices and scrimmages had to be held between or against member institutions. In other words, high schools are not allowed to be conducted against junior high school or collegiate teams. High schools with a 9-12 configuration must practice or scrimmage against the same configuration of schools. Junior high schools with a 7-8 configuration may not practice or scrimmage against schools with a 7-9 configuration and so on.

Academics was discussed and the IHSAA has adopted the following policy regarding academics:

To be academically eligible, a student must be enrolled full-time in his/her school, be on target to graduate based on State Board of Education graduation requirements and have received passing grades and earned credits in the required number of courses during the previous reporting period. Equivalence is determined by the following criteria:

If 3 classes are attempted, then the student must pass all three

If 4 classes are attempted, then the student must pass at least three

If 5 classes are attempted, then the student must pass at least four

If 6 classes are attempted, then the student must pass at least five

If 7 classes are attempted, then the student must pass at least five

If 8 classes are attempted, then the student must pass at least six

No coach or athletic director may receive reimbursement or payment of any kind from sources outside of the local school board in return for services rendered in instruction, coaching, or chaperoning any member of the high school athletic/activity team. Coaches may receive appreciation gifts from team members or parents or community organizations that do not exceed the value of the IHSAA player award ($300). Appreciation gifts may not include cash of any value for travel/chaperoning expenses.

Soccer roster size is now limited to a total of 22 students in uniform at the start of the contest in all play-in games and state tournament games.

There are now coaching limitations during the state’s dead periods:

Coaches are not allowed to coach students of the school competitively from August 3 of the start of that sport season during the school year. Coaches, athletic trainers, or other school personnel cannot contact students during that time. Winter and spring activities can contact students after the last starting date for fall activity practices.

Schools will add and determine a three-day, consecutive no contact period over winter break and during spring activities and notify the IHSAA of those dates through those dates through their fall school directory update.

IHSAA has clarified rules regarding non-IHSAA playoff football games and for Foreign Exchange/International Student Host Families Limitations and those persons are requested to obtain exact restrictions by contacting the IHSAA.

Additionally, it was pointed out that this is a year in which re-classification issues and alignment issues will be addressed for the next two years. Those requests are to be made sometime in mid-September and will be discussed at great lengths by IHSAA and those determinations will be made as soon as possible. It is expected that there will be quite the number of request made this fall based upon the number received during the last go round of requests and the number of complaints received because of those requests.

The rest of the meeting involved the protocol of requesting and the use of media credentials for the upcoming season. IHSAA media credentials do not grant admittance to regular season high school events, only to IHSAA sanctioned, end of season contests.