Jordyn Adams, senior outside hitter

Jordyn Adams was the spark that made the team go. She had a powerful kill shot from either side and was tough to stop.

FIRTH – When coach Elda Park started to put the 2019 Firth High School volleyball team together last summer, one of the first positions that she filled on paper was that of outside hitter and it had Jordyn Adams’ name on it.

Adams had been a standout for a couple of years and was going to be looked upon to be a team leader and maybe the vocal part of the team.

“As a senior, the other seniors and I got together and we decided that this was our team, our year,” Adams said. “We knew that we were going to be good, that we had a chance to win it all, we just had to go out and do it.”

Adams helped to do just that. When the team needed someone to vocalize and get things going, it was Adams who stepped up and got things going. When the team needed a point, it was Adams’ number that got called to step up and produce. When the Lady Cougars needed a final point to close out the title game on Saturday, Park called play number 34 and it was Adams who delivered the winning shot.

“I probably felt that our team was more focused than any team I had played on before, we just knew that we wanted to win so bad,” Adams said. “We went out and did what we had to do and we came home with the title and trophy.”

Adams also is from a very athletic family, from her siblings who have all played a number of sports to her dad, current athletic director and seven-time state boys’ basketball championship coach Scott Adams.