Stetson Jorgensen

Stetson Jorgensen and Mable after winning the Calgary Stampede.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – In case you haven’t already heard, Blackfoot has a pretty good cowboy competing on the PRCA Circuit.

Stetson Jorgensen has been making headlines for a couple of years now, especially when the big money is on the line, like at the National Finals Rodeo in December, where just a year ago, he fell a couple of thousand dollars short of a World Championship.

Well, Stetson is at it again this summer. Competing in the Calgary Stampede, one of the oldest and most prestigious of all rodeos, Stetson emerged from a talent laden group of great cowboys as the winner of the Steer Wrestling Event and in usual Stetson Jorgensen fashion, promptly gave most of the credit to his horse Mable.

Ever since he and Mable became a team, Jorgensen’s fortunes in rodeo began to rise.

Two years ago, at the NFR, Jorgensen made a run at the title, finishing with a good fourth place finish and he gave most of the credit to his horse Mable.

Last year, Stetson made a run at the World Championship which would have made his whole career. He finished in second to the World Champion, Jacob Elder, but so close it had to hurt to finish second.

“I owe it all to Mable,” Jorgensen said. “She always seems to put me in the right spot at the right time.”

Now, Jorgensen has added the Calgary Stampede to his growing resume of championships and rodeos won in his event, Steer Wrestling.

Stetson finished in top ten and was called back for the ‘Short-Go’ at the Stampede, where he finished in the top four and made the final Go-Round.

His time in the finals propelled him to the win over three other cowboys who also had a run in the finals.

While Jorgensen didn’t get off to the fastest start in 2021, he is steadily moving up the standings list and following the Calgary Stampede, he is ranked in the number four position, behind Jacob Talley, Tyler Pearson and Jesse Brown.

He is steadily closing in on the top spot and with his tenacity and hard work and the help of Mable, he will make a run at the top spot before he makes another appearance at the National Finals Rodeo in December.

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