Kiley Mecham, outside hitter

Kiley Mecham has a powerful hit and that makes her valuable as an outside hitter

FIRTH – Kiley Mecham is a junior, outside hitter for the 2019 state 2A volleyball champs from Firth High School.

Mecham first began to show signs of her talent a year ago as a sophomore not only in volleyball, but also in basketball and track. This year, she blossomed and became one of the mainstays in the lineup for coach Elda Park.

“This was such an exciting and good experience,” Mecham said. “This is something that you dream about, but maybe never realize could happen until it does.

It was so great to play with the seniors we had on the team because they all taught us different things and pushed us to be better.”

Mecham was at her best when she played on the outside of the front line, gearing up and using her height to smash the ball down the middle of the opponents’ space on the floor. One of the hardest hitters on the team, Mecham will only get better with time.

“This year will be one of the most memorable because we are all such good friends,” Mecham said. “We like to do things together, we sing, we like the same kind of movies and music, we are all good travelers mainly because we just like each other. It is a unique kind of relationship that we have all developed over the years.”

Mecham relished the hard work expected by the coaching staff and it showed in her improved play throughout the year.