BOISE – Gov. Brad Little has adjusted his orders on gatherings and spectators, pertaining to athletics and other events held by schools in Idaho.

For Idaho schools to conduct activities for the remainder of the 2020-2021 winter sports season, consistent with the requirements of the Idaho Stage 2 Stay Healthy Order, this plan outlines the management of high school and middle school athletics.


Schools are responsible for adhering to Stay Healthy Orders or other restrictions issued by the Governor or local jurisdictions. These Protocols will need to be posted on entry doors and be visible for all participants and spectators.

Schools that host events are required to follow this plan in order to host home competitions in their school. Schools are required to have a protocol in place for all areas of the facility, including parking lots, sidewalks, lobbies, bathrooms, hallways, and the gym. Entry and exit will need to be clearly marked and if possible, separate entry and exits for each group of participants and spectators.


Local Education Agencies (LEAs) may allow up to 40% of their local school gym’s capacity or up to four spectators per student participant, whichever is larger, if physical distancing requirements can be maintained or if masks are worn.

LEAs may have more stringent requirements for spectators at their athletic events.

The LEA Athletic Director will confirm the capacity of the gym (where applicable using fire marshall and/or Division of Building Safety information) and then calculate the 40% capacity capacity number, allowing a number of spectators for both home and away teams into the gym.

It is the responsibility of the home team Athletic Director to notify away teams or the gym capacity number.

All non-participating athletes, essential personnel, administrators and table help are REQUIRED to properly wear masks.

Participating student athletes are excluded from determining gym capacity during their event and include the following events:




Participating students in the following events are excluded from gym capacity:


Dance Team

Non-participating student athletes can remain in the gym but will count against the 40% capacity limit.

Student Body – Student body will be permitted into home games only.

Students will count against the 40% of capacity

Students who choose to be seated in the student sections and are closer than 6 ft are required to wear a mask.

Essential Personnel



Table workers for home teams



Maintenance and janitorial


Spectators – Masks and facial coverings are required for all spectators when not seated or physically distanced.

Direction and flow of spectators – The entry and exit and flow of directions as spectators enter the gym and exit the gym will be clearly marked,

Home spectators and away spectators will enter through separate entrances and leave through those same entrances.

Physical distancing will be maintained in all areas of the facility.

Event area, such as gyms, will be cleared after each event, cleaned, and sanitized prior to the second event beginning.

Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to spectators and participants.


Schools will adhere to these recommendations, which align with the Governor’s Stay Healthy Order and its exemption for spectators at athletic events that follow a plan administered by the State Board of Education.

These recommendations also follow the State Board of Education’s Resolution directing school districts and charter schools to comply with the Stage 2 Health Order or any other Governor’s Order

It is important that participants and spectators at athletics follow these good practices of physical distancing and mask wearing in order to athletic events to continue through the winter.