Harriers in action over the weekend in Terreton and Soda Springs

Snake River’s Lorenzo High was one of the top finishers at the Cardinal Classic in Soda Springs.

BLACKFOOT – Local cross country teams were in action over the weekend, starting with the Firth Cougars who traveled to Terreton for the West Jefferson Invitational.

The meet was dominated by both the boys and girls of Salmon, who took top honors in both divisions.

The Salmon boys claimed four of the top five finishing positions as they easily outdistanced Firth who was in second, by a score of 15–67. Butte County was third with 68 points and Ririe finished fourth with 95 points.

For the girls, Salmon outdistanced the Firth girls 47–70, while Ririe finished in third with 71 points, West Jefferson was fourth with 73 points and Butte Country finished fifth with 91 points.

Firth’s top finishers in the boys’ division were:

Senior Caleb Gardner who finished ninth with a time of 18:59.6

Freshman Strider Perry who finished 12th with a time of 19:24.4

Junior Jackson Howell who finished 15th with a time of 19:42.3

Junior Nathaniel Frame who finished with a time of 20:07.0

And Junior Mitch Harrison who finished with a time of 20:34.4

Also: (the Firth freshman brigade of)

Taggart Bundy, 21:04.2

Cooper Leslie, 21:11.5

Dawson Jolly, 21:44.7

Briggs Lewis, 22:14.2

For the girls’ division, Firth junior Cassi Robbins led the way with an eighth place finish and a time of 23:03.1

Junior Nicole McKinnon was 11th with a time of 23:36.5

Freshman Nateah Hawkins was 14th with a time of 24:23.2

Junior Madi Popwell was 18th with a time of 25:38.0

Freshman Kaitlin Popwell was 19th with a time of 25:53.4


Sophomore Hannah Christensen checked in 27th with a time of 28:35.1

Sophomore Tara Butler was 28th with a time of 28:41.1

Freshman Brylee Pierson was 32nd with a time of 30:18.7.

Next up for the Firth Cougars will be the Tiger/Grizz meet at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls on Friday. Most of the running action will get underway at 4:20 p.m. for varsity runners.

Blackfoot, Shelley and Snake River cross country teams all took part in the annual Cardinal Classic in Soda Springs on Saturday. This is the biggest cross country meet thus far in the season and there were 26 boys’ teams participating and 24 girls’ teams competing.

For the boys, Idaho Falls finished first with 59 points, Blackfoot was 10th with 308 points, Shelley finished 19th with 483 points and Snake River was 20th with 505 points.

For the girls, Boise was the winner with 36 points, Shelley finished in 12th with 310 points, Blackfoot was 18th with 493 points and Snake River finished in 19th place with 510 points.

Leading runners for Blackfoot boys were:

Sophomore Eli Gregory who finished 31st with a time of 18:02.75

Senior Nate Blackwelder who finished 40th with at time of 18:17.86

Senior Austin DeSpain who finished 44th with a time of 18:20.37

Freshman Matt Thomas who finished 100th with a time of 19:12.96

Senior Joey Walker who finished 106th with a time of 19:15.77

Also: Freshman Paden Parmenter with a time of 19:17.07

Brock Armstrong with a time of 19:46.08

Leading runners for Shelley were:

Senior Johnathan Frew in 23rd place with a time of 17:48.09

Junior Ben Vernon in 90th place with a time of 19:02.69

Senior Gant Stewart in 98th place with a time of 19:11.02

Freshman Mike Hanson in 146th place with at time of 20:51.08

Senior Chris Satterthwaite in 150th place with a time of 20:56.88

Also: Freshman Isaac Vernon with a time of 21:54.18

Leading runners for Snake River included:

Senior Lorenzo High in 27th place with a time of 17:54.29

Sophomore Lincoln High in 62nd place with a time of 18:39.35

Junior Cade Morgan in 134th place with a time of 20:27.12

Senior Justin Martin in 149th place with a time of 20:55.81

Sophomore Brock Goodwin in 158th place with at time of 21:18.53

Leading runners for Shelley included freshman Katelyn Benson who finished in 53rd place with at time of 22:36.52

Junior Clara Benson who finished in 68th place with a time of 23:03.25

Senior Amy Nield who finished in 80th place with a time of 23:22.21

Junior Jessica Williams who finished in 83rd place with a time of 23:24.88

Senior McKay Drollinger who finished in 124th place with a time of 25:34.54

Senior Aliece Andersen with a time of 25:41.85

Blackfoot was led by junior Tenleigh Smith who finished in 63rd place with a time of 22:51.15

Junior Sydney Crumley who finished in 87th place with a time of 23:31.87

Sophomore Sarah DeSpain who finished in 108th place with a time of 24:18.76

Senior Kristen Thomas who finished in 132nd place with a time of 25:50.49

Sophomore Piper Phillips who finished in 139th place with a time of 26:10.52

Sophomore Nayeli Trejo with a time of 27:39.08

Leading runners for Snake River included junior Kierra Jensen who finished in 82nd place with a time of 23:22.87

Junior Morgan Sensenbach who finished 100th with a time of 23:59.27

Freshman Kylee Morgan who finished 118th with a time of 25:03.26

Senior Rachel Stokes who finished 119th with a time of 25:08.18

Freshman Emma Perkes who finished 128th with a time of 25:42.88

Freshman Aubrie Reed with a time of 26:54.93

Freshman Alivia Reed with a time o f27:34.37

Blackfoot, Shelley and Snake River are all scheduled to run next in the Tiger/Grizz at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls on Friday with the varsity action getting underway at 4:20 p.m.