Teton upsets Panthers in snowstorm

Conditions only got worse after the coin toss in Driggs for the Snake River Panthers on Friday night.

DRIGGS — When the Snake River Panthers looked at their football schedule at the start of the season, they couldn’t help but see the game with Teton, scheduled for the first week of October. They figured it would be just another football game and with the team that the Panthers were assembling, it should just be another W in the win column.

Sure, there is always the threat of winter weather in the high country, but even with the cold front that was moving through the area, it couldn’t really be that bad, could it?

By the time the game was ready to begin, the temperature had dropped to the low 30s, a wind had picked up and it had begun to spit some snowflakes. By the time the teams lined up for the kickoff, the snow had started coming down.

By the time the two teams switched ends of the field at the end of the first quarter, it had gotten slick, the snow was blowing so hard that it was hard to see from one end of the field to the other and the only people who were enjoying the whole ordeal were those who were blanket covered and getting a hot drink.

The Teton crew hit the scoreboard first, with a one-yard run with 6:04 left in the second quarter. They missed the extra point and the score was 6-0 in favor of the home team.

The Panthers just couldn’t get anything going on the slippery field. A team who had been building their reputation on quick cuts and change of direction was unable to get anything going and were forced to hand the ball back to Teton with plenty of time left on the clock to try and get another drive going in the blizzard-like conditions.

They worked the ball gingerly down the field and after a couple of first downs, found themselves with a first and goal on the Panther three yard line. They would run the ball into the end zone for the touchdown, and even though they missed the extra point once again, they were ahead at 12-0 and the two teams headed for the locker room for the halftime intermission.

By the time the second half started, you could no longer see the lines or markers on the field. In fact, if the scoreboard hadn’t been illuminated, you wouldn’t have been able to see it at all from the other end of the field.

Footing was bad on the field and the players did their best to even be able to gain enough traction to gain yards on most plays, but they kept battling on.

Finally, the Panthers got something going and punched the ball into the end zone. Of course, when Teton scored again, there was no chance for an extra point and the score would remain at 12-6.

That would end up being the final score as well, giving the Panthers a second loss on the year as they made the long trip home in the snow and winter-like conditions.

The Panthers will head into conference play next week as they travel to Marsh Valley for the South East Conference opener. Marsh Valley has a 3-3 record on the year after beating South Fremont 20-19 Friday night. Snake River will counter with their 4-2 record when the game begins at Marsh Valley Friday at 7 p.m.