BLACKFOOT – The 59th Annual George Von Elm Memorial Golf Tournament was held over the weekend and while conditions were outstanding on Saturday, with clear skies and temperatures in the low 90s, things took a turn for the worse on Sunday with dropping temperatures and rain all day long.

Scores on Saturday were low, especially in the Championship Flight, where two-time winner Chris Reinke posted a 6 under par 66 to lead the field and several other golfers who broke par on the day.

Sunday was a different story as gusty winds blew in the rain and cloudy skies formed right behind a cold front that moved through Bingham County early on Sunday morning.

By the time that the championship flight of golfers teed off at 2:30 in the afternoon, the course was drenched and the golfers found conditions different on every hole.

“On some holes, the ball would slide off the green, while others would hold the shot better,” an unidentified golfer was heard telling of his woes on the course. “Yardage was tough to guage a well as some shots got knocked down by the wind while others would sail over the green or where you might be planning, it was a guessing game at best.”

As things would turn out, Reinke did enough damage control that he was able to combine his six under par on Saturday's opening round with a five over par 75 on Sunday and he posted a three under par 141 for the tournament and a three stroke win over Arnulfo Quintero, who posted a 144.

The win was good enough to get Reinke his third win in the prestigious tournament and pick up the top prize of $700.

“I have been playing in this tournament since my high school days,” Reinke said. “I won it back in 1997 while I was still in high school and then won again in 2014. It is a great feeling to be a three time winner.”

Reinke is the third three-time winner, joining Jeff Jerman who won in 1970, 1971 and 1974 and Steve Hays who won in 1982, 1984 and 1992.

Finishing second was Arnulfo Quintero while Keifer Higham and Brady Stanger tied for third and fourth.

Championship Flight Results

Chris Reinke 141 $700

Arnulfo Quintero 144 $550

Keifer Higham 148

Brady Stanger 148

Kody Rathe 151

Matt Meador 153

Gilbert Livas 154

Jake Barron 154

First Flight

Marty Fehringer 154 $700

Kobe Peterson 156 $500

Brock Buffat 158

Russ Collins 158

John Drakos 158

Cole Lindsay 160

Second Flight

Karl Nillson 165 $700

Shane Parkinson 166 $550

Parker Landdock 168

Alf Lopez 169

Flint Nillson 170

Shayne Proctor 172

Shane Paquette 172

Third Flight

Jeb Harrison 164 $700

Eddie Bisharet 169 $550

Wacey Lopez 172

Magic Smith 176

Kevin Landdock 176

Randy Resendiz 177

Braden Brown 177

Mike Harris 177

Fourth Flight

Joel Jolley 141 $700

Pete Becker 144 $550

Junior Lopez 151

Merle Smith 154

Chricket Lopez 157

Chad Phillips 159

Shane Larsen 159

Senior Flight

Teddy Johnson 140 $700

Jim Lee 144 $500

Chair Broadhead 145

George Yowell 145