Tie Down Roping first Go-Round results posted

Tom Simpson is creating talk about his 2021 rodeo, where he leads two events, tie down roping and steer wrestling.

POCATELLO – When you look up at the leader board at the state high school rodeo finals for tie down roping and see Malad cowboy Tom Simpson at the top, it really should come as no surprise. His name has been mentioned in some of the early All-Around Cowboy talk that always goes on during a rodeo and with good reason.

Simpson, the all-around athlete from Malad who stars in football, basketball and now rodeo, can seemingly do it all. He is leading the steer wrestling event and in the top 10 in team roping and is now on top in tie down roping. He and Cooper Cooke are the names most mentioned, so that is some pretty heady conversation going around the grandstand.

Simpson has been consistent in what he does, and that is prepare very well for each event. That is evidenced by the results that he has produced thus far. His time and placing in the tie down roping event are an example of that.

Simpson flew out of the box, roped and tied his calf in only 10.640 seconds and didn’t have a bit of trouble in throwing the calf. There have been a number of cowboys who have not been up to the task of throwing these big strong calves and it has shown in some of them having a loop on the calf in mere seconds, only to be stalled by throwing and tying the animal. Not so for the strong armed and minded Simpson, who made quick work of his first performance in tie down roping.

In second is another tough cowboy in Ryn Severe, another who is competing in a number of events this week and was able to stop the timer in a quick 10.730 seconds, just .09 behind Simpson’s time. These two, if they can keep up with the pressure that will be sure to mount as the week goes on, that rope will get heavier and heavier and the calves only meaner and tougher, so it will be interesting to see which roper will end up being tougher than the other.

In third was Logan Corta, the All-Around Cowboy from District 8. He is another who is capable of winning this event and has shown it with his first performance showing. He stopped the timer in 11.08 seconds and was able to separate himself from the rest of the field by over half a second. Times are going to tighten up as the week goes along for a lot of reasons, the least of which will be fatigue and those cowboys with multiple events will start to show the wear and tear of a rodeo like this one and it will start to take its toll.

It will be interesting to see how things play out as sitting in fourth is another all-around athlete in Hunter Roche who also plays football and basketball in addition to his rodeo pursuits.

It should be a great event to keep on watching as the rodeo continues as there are some great ropers entered and they will put on a show for you if you let them.

Here is how the top 10 stacks up in tie down roping after the first performance:

Time, State Finals Points

Tom Simpson 10.640 10

Ryn Severe 10.730 9

Logan Corta 11.080 8

Hunter Roche 11.700 7

Peter McBride 11.790 6

Boedy Thomson 11.820 5

Wyatt Stephens 11.880 4

Lucas Cruz 12.230 3

Cooper Pavkov 12.430 2

Ira Oleson 12.840 1

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