Twin sisters on same course in Snake River Cross Country

Aubrie and Alivia Reed, twin sisters who compete for Snake River High School in cross country, can be seen in action Thursday at the Snake River Invitational at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds.

BLACKFOOT – There are a lot of times that you will see brothers or sisters that are both athletes and compete in the same sport. In the NFL in recent times, you had the Manning brothers, both quarterbacks and both champions as Peyton and Eli both have won a couple of Super Bowls.

In the NBA, you have two brothers in Seth and Steph Curry, both sons of Dell Curry, a superstar in his own right, and Steph is a multiple MVP and has three NBA championships to his credit. There are many more occasions where brothers or sisters have both been successful athletically.

Snake River High School has a sister combination who could be something special when they get finished with their running careers.

Alivia and Aubrie Reed have been running all season and they are twins. Twins competing in the same event week in week out and they have no animosity between them, they are happy for each other’s successes and they work to help each other in their event — that’s a special thing.

“Right now, I am a little bit better runner than Alivia, but I am sure that she will catch up,” Aubrie Reed said. “We are both working hard and trying to improve with each meet.”

The two girls are freshmen in the Snake River program and are in their first year of competing with the team. They have been able to make a big impact on the team and they are both on the varsity team as they are getting ready for the Snake River Invitational and the Bob Firman Invitational, a rare opportunity where they will run in two meets in one week.

As I watched the two go through a workout at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds, site of the Snake River Invitational later this week, they began running together in their workout. Slowly but surely, Aubrie was able to pull away from Alivia, but it didn’t look like it was easy and Alivia fought every step of the way.

“I think that we are both working to become valuable members of the team,” Aubrie said. “It has been an adjustment, but we like the team and coach and we want to help them win a district and maybe a state title before we are done here.”

There is a lot on the line for the two girls as they have basically completed the five-person team for coach Mike Kirkham in this year’s rebuilding opportunity.

“We have won the district meet for a couple of years and these two have just stepped in and filled a couple of holes that we had on the team,” Kirkham said. “They work hard and they are making the other girls on the team better with their work ethic. We love having them with us.”

The Snake River Panthers returned three strong runners from a year ago and the two Reed sisters completed the five runners who will make up the scoring unit for the team when the district and state meets come around. They are also providing the target, so to speak, for the other girls on the team to improve and push each other as they try to get into the top five or six who compete in those meets.

There is always a lot of adjustment when new kids move into a school district and this is no exception. The Reed girls transferred in from Havre, Mont., and they have been accepted at Snake River as if they had been here forever.

“We really like it here and everyone has helped us get going,” Aubrie Reed said. “We like the team, the coaches and the students at Snake River and we all want the best for each other.”

The Reed sisters just made it in time to participate in the first practice of the year in August, the Annual Midnight Run along the Blackfoot greenbelt, and that has propelled them along the way of their new adventure as runners for the Snake River cross country team.

The team will continue with preparations for the Snake River Invitational which will be held on the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds on Thursday. The team will be setting up the course today and will take a practice run as part of their practice this afternoon.

Thursday’s competition will begin at 1 p.m. and will feature 12 teams from the area and there will be different races for all competitors throughout the afternoon. There is no admission charge to watch the races at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds.