Brock Thompson has been raising market steers for two years now and this year will show and market a steer at the Madison County Fair and show a second market steer at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot.

Kinley, 10, got into raising livestock in 4H because of her older sisters, Aly and KaLisi Griggs. The Griggs girls raise market sheep, pigs and steers. Kinley has raised market Suffolk cross sheep for three years now.

Brahm Thompson has raised and shown market steers for two years now and seeks additional experience by showing them at various places in addition to the county fair in Rexburg.

At the recent National 4H Shooting Sports Championships held in Grand Island, Nebraska, Sporter Air Rifle competitor Matigan Fitzgerald placed third individually overall.

Just ask 11-year-old Clara Fondow about her 4H chickens, then sit back and enjoy a whole lot of information about them in a very short time.

The Mustang 4H horse club of Bonneville County is hosting a fun play day for all registered 4H horse members ages 8 to 18, regardless of county.

POCATELLO — Jody Bunker decided to take action a couple of years ago when he went to enroll his daughter in a 4-H archery program and discovered Bannock County didn’t have one.

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Macey Lamb is in 4H and FFA where she raises market lambs and breeding ewes.

Hadlie Nef recalls her first experience with horses was at age 4 or 5 when she rode her grandpa’s old farm horse named Buddy around the stack yard at his Rexburg-area farm.

Gracie Warnke is considering raising an unusual goat breed in 4H. “I really like to raise animals more than any other thing in 4H. I’ve raised breeding animals and market animals but this year I want to raise a Nigerian dairy goat because I wanted a smaller animal, and they are very cute,” s…

Adellyna Castillo is a second-generation 4Her whose mom and grandmother are leaders.

In just two years in 4H, Eliana Castillo has completed three livestock projects and multiple family and consumer science projects involving baking, sewing and table settings.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Newly fallen snow blankets homes and trees decorated with Christmas lights, giving them that wintery glow and in-spite of COVID-19 stores are filling up with shoppers looking for the perfect gifts.

Ag classes and belonging to the Blackfoot High School FFA chapter, 4H and hands-on ranching and farming experience is preparing Ridge Mays for a career in agriculture.

Trent Pancheri’s 4H steer gained so much weight last summer, he was amazed. On auction day at the Butte County Fair in Arco, his Red Angus steer tipped the scale at 1,453 pounds.

Kellen Pancheri’s 1,370 pound 4-H market Steer was so tame he followed Kellen around more like a puppy than a steer.

Addison Pancheri, works hard throughout the summer and looks forward to spending time with friends at the Butte County 4H fair in Arco in the fall.

Last summer, Merrisa Schwartz completed a year as secretary of the Idaho 4-H State Teen Association, and this summer she’s completed her 4-H volunteer certification and works as a summer 4-H assistant at the University of Idaho’s Canyon County 4-H Extension office in Caldwell.

One day Katelyn McCausey’s mom brought home a couple of 4H lambs for her and her older sister Brianna to raise and show in 4H.

Skylar Schoenecker has finished her third year in 4H, and among a variety of other projects, she raised a wild duck.

Riding horses, belonging to 4H, and the National Junior High School Rodeo Association, helps Payton Woodard deal with a health issue.

MACKAY — Despite fewer participants and attendees at this year’s Custer County Fair because of the coronavirus, volunteers pushed on and held the fair for “the people that wanted to be here,” according to University of Idaho Extension Educator Sarah Baker.

Caitlin Okeson is a veteran of 4-H day camps taught at the Bonneville County 4-H office.

AMERICAN FALLS — Despite the coronavirus putting a halt to many events in the area, the Power County Fair continued to trot along with several of its shows and events that started on Monday and will continue on until Friday.

Kiley Roberts is looking forward to seeing the next president of the United States take the oath of office in Washington, D.C., this January.

Lucy Okeson enrolled in a recent baking and cooking 4-H day camp because she wanted to learn more about baking which is one of her favorite activities.

SALT LAKE CITY — Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV2), is a highly fatal disease that affects rabbits. The fatal sickness has been spreading across the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico and has now been detected in Utah.

Sharae Jones took a baking and cooking day camp to learn more about baking at home.

RIGBY — The Jefferson County Fair is set to move forward for Aug. 10 to Aug. 15 in order to get 4-H participants ready for state, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Last year, Ian Hurst earned the Agriculturist Award by scoring enough points over course of a few years in all six livestock categories at the Bonneville County Fair.

In her young life, Makinley Curtis has taken on five different 4-H projects in Jefferson and Bonneville counties, and this year, she’ll add a sixth.

Shooting sports and horse projects keep Piper Palmer involved in 4-H all year long since shooting sports are taught in the winter and extend to the summer and horse projects which are mainly a summer activity.

Sofi Creager overcame a hesitation about riding unfamiliar horses and now helps others overcome their fears, too.

Last summer, Merrisa Schwartz completed a year as secretary of the Idaho 4-H State Teen Association, and this summer she’s completed her 4-H volunteer certification and works as a summer 4-H assistant at the Canyon County 4-H Extension office in Caldwell.