Brooklyn Mendoza learns about livestock first hand in 4H and on the family feedlot.

Brooklyn, 13, has raised different kinds of animals in 4H but prefers to raise Suffolk-cross lambs. She’s raised them for four years now. She is in the Jefferson County Wild n’ Wooly 4H Club led by Christie Lamb.

“Lambs are easier to handle than some other animals likes pigs and steers,” Brooklyn said. “They’re fun to raise. They’re cute especially when they are babies. I like showing them and our parents help out with the feed costs. I like to take care of them and to train them to do what I want them to do.”

Brooklyn and her siblings raise market lambs and divide the money they make between savings, feed, school sports, clothing and supplies. Brooklyn is on her school’s volleyball team and plays for Club IMUA in the spring.

Helping out on the family feedlot has given Brooklyn lots of hands-on experience. The family recently moved to Menan from Rigby where Brooklyn and her siblings; Remington, Ember and Autumn help on the family feedlot where they feed over 2,000 head of cattle, she said.

“Our family really likes horses a lot,” she said. “We use them at our feedlot, moving cattle to different pens and sorting cattle for doctoring and branding. I like helping out and I really like when it comes time to brand.”

Right now Brooklyn uses whatever horse is available.

“I switch around and mostly share horses with my brother and sisters, but I hope to get my own horse soon,” she said.

Brooklyn said she especially loves going to 4H summer camp each year in Alpine, Wyoming. She likes staying in the camp’s cabins there for a few days with her friends. She hopes to go again this year as a junior leader. At camp, the kids make crafts, complete 4H requirements for their record books and learn new skills like archery. She loves working with the younger kids as a junior leader and looks forward to helping them with their projects again this year.

“It’s really pretty up there, and we get to go to Heise Springs and swim too,” she said. “We have some really good leaders in 4H who make it super fun.”

Looking ahead, Brooklyn always wants to have livestock in her life.

“Ranching is really fun and I definitely want to always have animals in my life,” she said.

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