Ainslee Hurst

Ainslee Hurst

During Ainslee Hurst’s first year in 4H and at just 8 years old, she raised four animals.

“I started last year with a market pig, a market goat, a dairy cow and a dairy goat,” she said. “The easiest one was the Holstein dairy cow. Now one of my dairy goats is expecting. I also had a Boar goat that had twins, a boy and a girl. That’s what I’m doing now is raising them.”

Recently one of her newborn kids still on the bottle didn’t survive.

“She had to watch one baby goat pass a way. Raising livestock teaches a lot of life lessons.” said her mom Tiffnee Hurst.

Ainslee’s parents are Tiffnee and Scott Hurst of the New Sweden area. Tiffnee Hurst was raised around livestock growing up and she wanted her children to learn livestock raising skills too.

Ainslee belongs to Kristy Ackerman’s Bonneville County New Sweden Livestock 4H club where she’s learned proper feeding, exercising and showing skills.

“Last year when I was showing my market pig, I took first place in my class,” Ainslee said. “That made me feel good. He didn’t make weight so he was in the feeder class, but the judge thought he was so close that they put him in the lightweight class and that’s where I got first in class.”

Ainslee saves most of the money she earns and puts aside money to purchase new animals for the next year, she said.

This year Ainslee joined a weaving club taught by Laurel Cahoon. Except for the first three meetings, the class has been taught on Facetime via Facebook. She’s made a purse and now is making a scarf out of wool in a rainbow of colors.

“It’s a little hard but I learned the basics so I can keep on working on projects,” Ainslee said.

She also took a painting project last year in 4H and painted a stars and grass scene. This year she wants to paint a duck.

In her spare time, Ainslee likes baking chocolate cookies with her mom.

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