Dane Duncan


This is Dane Duncan’s first year in a Bonneville County 4-H archery club.

“It’s something fun to do verses most other sports,” he said. “I do like chess and I am in a competitive chess club at school. I have fun with it.”

Dane, 12, and 14 other club members practice at an indoor range at the Archery Idaho store in Idaho Falls and later this spring, the club will practice at an outdoor range near the new county fairgrounds under construction near Sandy Downs. Dane decided to try archery after he shot a bow and arrow with relatives.

“My cousin got a bow a few years ago and he let me shoot it. I thought it was fun so I decided to try it,” he said. “I want to learn how to shoot well.”

Club members learn about the different types of bows and how they are used. Between the recurve bow, the long bow and the compound bow, Dane picked the compound bow.

“I like the idea that there’s a lot of strength in a small area,” he said.

Safety is also emphasized in the club. Kids are taught that when they take an arrow from a quiver to always point it down until they’re ready to shoot. They are taught to never dry fire a bow — fire it with no arrow — and for protection to wear closed-toe shoes and avoid loose-fitting clothing and jewelry that can become entangled in the bow string, like watches, necklaces and bracelets. Long hair must be pulled back into a pony tail and for further protection, archers wear finger tabs or gloves and an arm guard on the shooting forearm.

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