Liam McMurtrey


Liam McMurtrey has belonged to a 4-H archery club for going on three years now and has found he likes everything about the sport.

He became interested in archery after watching movies and television shows where archery was commonplace in years past. He is the son of Billi Leslie and Tom McMurtrey.

“I’ve found archery is something that is really fun to do,” he said.

Liam, 12, prefers the recurve bow compared to the long bow or the compound bow. Club members learn about the different types of bows and arrows.

“The recurve bow was used by archers while riding horseback,” he said. “The long bow wasn’t used while riding a horse but was used more for competitions in the Middle Ages, and the compound bow is a more modern bow, which is easier to pull back because of its mechanical advantage.”

During class, 4-H’ers are taught safety first. They’re taught that when they take an arrow from a quiver to always keep it pointed down until ready to aim, and to always aim a loaded bow down range.

They’re instructed to wear an arm guard to protect their forearm while shooting and never dry fire their bows. They can use finger tabs or gloves or a release, whichever they prefer. They’re taught to avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and watches, which can get caught in the string. Closed-toe shoes and pulling back long hair into a pony tail also is required.

Liam, is looking forward to practicing more and moving onto bigger challenges, he said. He encourages others to try archery.

“They just might really enjoy it and find a new hobby too,” he said.

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