Caleb Hampton

Caleb Hampton

Caleb Hampton is a leader in 4-H and FFA.

Hampton, 15, is this year’s Eastern District teen representative in the Idaho 4-H State Teen Association. He’s also Mackay High School’s FFA chapter reporter and a state 4-H ambassador.

“I love being a leader and helping kids,” he said.

He and Kaytlyn and Micah Winters have gone one step further and started a Custer County 4-H Teen Leadership Club.

Hampton inherited his love of leadership from his parents, Jeremy and Monica Hampton, who are active 4-H leaders. His dad is president of the Idaho State 4-H volunteer Association and is on a University of Idaho advisory board representing 4-H. His mom held a state FFA office in 1990. His older sister Hailey, his older brother Nathan Hampton and his cousin Christian Ivie, all of Mackay, have served in 4-H and FFA district and state leadership positions.

“My family kinda runs with leadership,” he said.

Along with numerous other skills, Caleb said 4-H and FFA teaches leadership skills.

“4-H just isn’t just showing animals. It’s a lot more and it’s a good place to learn leadership skills,” he said.

Caleb has been a Hampshire Suffolk-cross sheep breeder for as long as he can remember and has shown them in 4-H and FFA. Last fall he won reserve champion in the senior breeding fitting and showing class, and in the market lamb fitting and showing senior class he won grand champion. He sells his animals all over Idaho, he said.

In his extra time, he is a predator trapper and is learning taxidermy. At the Custer County Fair in the past two years he’s won blue ribbons and purple rosettes with a coyote and a deer he trapped, shot and mounted in the best of show class in the hobbies and crafts department.

He’s been doing European mounts using a Dermestid beetle colony which are flesh-eating beetles that strip the flesh from dead animal carcasses and replaces the need to boil skulls or use other methods to remove flesh before mounting.

“I built it in an old chest freezer and put in new heating and cooling temperature controls so that it has the capability to keep the colony at the right temperature,” he said.

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