Mattson Thompson

Mattson Thompson

This fall, Mattson Thompson of Shelley will pursue a college degree as a surgical technician with the help of a $6,000 scholarship and several other scholarships.

The $6,000 scholarship was awarded by Superior Livestock Auction. The company is a world leader in satellite and internet cattle sales, and scholarships are given to children and grandchildren of employees and customers who buy or sell cattle with the company.

Mattson’s dad, Shelley area rancher Matt Thompson is a sales representative for Superior Livestock Auction and also markets the family’s cattle through Superior. Thompson, 19, has gone to several summer video sales with his dad, so applying for the scholarship made perfect sense, he said.

“Considering it’s a national-based company (and the scholarship is) only for children and grandchildren of reps and customers from all over the county, I thought maybe I’ll get it or maybe I won’t, but getting it was the best surprise ever because I had no idea I’d get it. It’s super cool. I’ve been praying and meditating about it. God’s power is so good,” Thompson said.

Superior livestock awards a $6,000 scholarship each year in the name of Buddy Jeffers, who was one of the co-founders of Superior Livestock, to help kids with backgrounds in agriculture further their educational pursuits, according to a company spokeswoman.

Thompson is attending Montana Western in Dillion. His mother, Jayme Thompson, and her co-workers suggested the career. Jayme Thompson works at Freeman Plastic Surgery, Laser and MedSpa in Idaho Falls

“My mom and some of the other employees were telling me about a medical technician career and said I’d be good at it, and that’s what sparked my interest, so I did some research,” Thompson said. “The medical field has always interested me.”

Thompson has applied for and received several scholarships in the past. The former president of the Shelley High School FFA has received several scholarships to further his high school education through the FFA organization, he said. He’s received scholarships in the amount of $3,000 from FFA all four years in high school, plus he’s received $1,500 from the Bonneville County Cattle Association, $1,000 from the Bingham County Farm Bureau, and a $500 Jessica A Harrison scholarship, he said.

“Our councilors helped and encouraged us to apply for scholarships all though high school. I started as a freshman applying for scholarships,” he said.

Thompson is also interested in doing an internship at the Superior Livestock offices in Fort Worth, Texas next summer. He has his own cattle he runs on the family ranch and plans on helping contribute all he can while he’s in school, he said.