At the end of October, St. Anthony lost a cherished member of the community when Darren Scott Davis died.

He was the owner of Davis Machine, LLC, a fixture in the area since his grandfather started the business as a sawmill.

His wife, Cathy Marie Davis, lost her high school sweetheart and best friend.

“He was very kind and compassionate. He cared very deeply for people,” she said.

Many local and out-of-state customers feared the business would be sold. People coming into the shop would ask “Where are we going to go? What are we going to do?” when expressing concerns on agricultural and irrigation needs or repairs, Cathy said.

Their fears have been put to rest.

Cathy is now running the business and intends to keep it open. She helped her husband with the business through the years of their marriage.

“I was able to step in and take over,” she said. “I did it for the people in the valley and our out-of-state customers. I just want to make sure people are taken care of and that they know I care about them.”

Darren inherited the business from his father Darrell Wayne Davis. Through the hard work of three generations, the company transformed from a sawmill to a welding and fabricating shop offering a wide array of services including; welding and fabricating; building and repairing farm equipment including pilers, truck beds and dirt eliminators; fabricating and repairing irrigation products.

In fact, the company can engineer and build whatever a customer needs. Its employees are skilled in aluminum and stainless steel welding. It also does a lot of repairs.

“(Doing repairs) makes us kind of unique. Not everybody wants to do repairs, they want people to buy new,” Cathy said.

A main focus of the business is fabricating stainless steel irrigation screens, built to fit any size or shape of application.

The screens were originally designed and perfected by Darren. His engineering skills were a large part of the company’s success.

“Darren got to the point where he could engineer something in his head. He didn’t have to put it down on paper,” Cathy said.

Continuing Darren’s legacy, Cathy has hired Colby Curr as shop manager. He has six years experience with the company. She hired him because of his expertise and to offer him a job close to home to be with his wife and little girl.

The focus on helping others is important to Cathy, as it was to her husband. To her, the company does much more than just provide a needed service.

“We will fabricate and engineer your dreams. We help people build and keep their dreams going,” she said.

Davis Machine is located at 1912 E. 500 North in Parker. The company can be contacted by phone at 208-624-7820, by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 138, Parker, ID 83438. The company’s shipping address is 1912 E. 500 North St. Anthony, ID 83445.

Photojournalist Linda Phillips has 25 years experience as a journalist, photographer, copy editor and graphic designer. To contact her, email Farm & Ranch Managing Editor Bill Bradshaw at

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