bed bug eggs

Bed bug eggs

Name: Cimex lectularius

Bed bug

Bed bug

Alias: Bed bugs are a wingless insect that have evolved to have a flattened body to better crawl between fabric and human skin. Their color can vary from light to dark brown. Their lifecycle is not dependent on the season since they live exclusively indoors. Nymphs look similar to adults, only smaller. Eggs are seen as small pearl colored ovals that can be found in mattresses, furniture or anywhere that has a small crevasse.

Crimes: Bed bugs feed on human blood by biting and sucking the blood out. Symptoms can vary widely on humans. Some people may not even notice a bite, which may only leave a little red bump. For others the bite may be more severe, leaving a rash or irritation.

Redeeming Qualities: None.

Sentence: Bed bug control is extremely difficult once an infestation has taken place. There are a few options with diatomaceous earth or “bug bomb” applications, but I would recommend that if you suspect you have a problem to call a professional. You can take preventative measures to avoid bedbugs in the first place. When you stay at hotels (regardless of price or rankings) go and check the room for bedbugs before bring in your luggage. If you don’t have somewhere to leave your luggage outside of your hotel room, place them in the shower. Check the room for bedbugs or little black stains known as frass. Pull the sheets off the bed, check under every nook and cranny on the hotel mattress. Look around the furniture, the carpet and headboards. Once you feel your hotel room is safe, you may bring your luggage in. if you find anything, notify the hotel staff and request a new room. This will insure that you will prevent the spread of bedbugs.

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