Western/Cowboy dressage offers riders a unique way to improve communication with their equine partners.

Horse tack and accessories may look interchangeable to the outside observer but saddles, bridles and bits are as unique as each equine and owner.

I always have my horses’ shoes pulled before there is a risk of them slipping on the ice. A friend lost her precious mare because the horse ran across a patch of ice in the pasture, slipped and broke her leg.

We usually get our first, hard freeze in October. Thirty days after that freeze is when fall worming is required in horses.

Trail riding can be the epitome of social distancing so there’s no need to forgo that activity this year.

Daybell Disappearance

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This column is dedicated to Nya Bates, an Idaho horsewoman who changed the lives of people and horses from California to Tennessee and from Florida to New England, as well as offering vital teachings to literally hundreds of horses and humans in the Gem State.

I’m finally restocking my horse trailer for the summer’s trail rides. Each year I follow a check list of necessities and possibilities to be prepared for whatever surprises each situation presents. I’ve learned the necessity of several of these items because I was out in the middle of nowher…

The amount and type of vitamin and mineral supplements your horse needs changes with the season and the horse’s age. Personally, I give great thanks to the companies that produce low-carb and senior feed for horses. My little fatties love their grain buckets but can’t safely ingest a lot wit…