The issue: Summer is when weeds are most noticeable, mostly because they are large and that is the time we are out in our yards and fields. Annuals and seedlings are easy to kill. Biennials are usually going to seed during the summer months. Perennials are quite difficult to kill in the summer.

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Daybell Disappearance

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The issue: Common mallow or cheese weed (Malva neglecta) is a non-native weed that will germinate from spring through fall. Fall-germinated seedlings will overwinter and continue growth during the next spring. While it is an all-season annual, it may behave more like a biennial or even a sho…

The issue: Scotch thistle (Onopordum acanthium L.), is a non-native plant from Eurasia. This biennial, which can reach 12 feet, forms a rosette with large leaves and a deep taproot the first season. The leaves and stems are gray-green in color. Scotch thistle has very prominent stem “fins” a…

Fall weed control: Get a jump on perennial weeds

Fall weed control: Don’t wait for biennials to flower in the spring

The Enemy: Chinese Elm (Ulmus parifola)