NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio — Jacque Jones watched as an autumn breeze sent dozens of leaves to land between rows of red peppers and eggplants. Chickens clucked at her feet.

CLYMERS, Ind. — With corn buried just inches away from his chin, Logansport Fire Chief Bernie Mittica felt immense pressure on his body as he was trapped inside a grain bin.

BOISE — The 2018 Farm Bill forbids states from preventing the transportation of hemp, and a Colorado company that wants its seized shipment back from Idaho is citing the bill in a court filing against the state.

BOISE (USDA) — Idaho agricultural producers can voluntarily help the monarch butterfly on their farms and ranches through a variety of conservation practices offered by the USDA, according to a news release.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — University of Minnesota researcher Seth Wannemuehler wants to make the kiwiberry Minnesota’s next big fruit. The first step: explaining what a kiwiberry is.

POCATELLO — Idaho potato farmers are getting paid about the same amount for their spuds as they’re investing in raising them, according to a University of Idaho Extension agricultural economist’s report.

JONESBORO, Ark. — Bobby Coy and his son, Richard Coy, owners of Crooked Creek Bee Co., in Jonesboro, began noticing a decline in bee pollination after nearby farmers began using the pesticide dicamba on nearby crops during the past three years.

The 40th annual Eastern Idaho Ag Expo opened on Tuesday in Holt Arena and the 51st annual Idaho Potato Conference opened the following day in the Pond Student Union on the Idaho State University campus.

AUSTIN, Texas — The kick-off to the 2019 potato conference season began last week in Austin, Texas, with the National Potato Conference’s 11th annual Potato Expo in the Austin Convention Center.

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Last fall, it started as a group effort between two Klamath Falls Farmers Market product vendors: Ediblearth Farms and Violet Fae Remedies.

CORVALLIS, Ore. — For the third time in nine years, Jim Myers, Oregon State University plant breeder and horticulture professor, and five partners have received a $2 million grant to continue work on developing vegetable cultivars well-adapted to organic farming systems.

LOGAN, Utah — Researchers are concerned about the effects the reduced Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument boundaries might have on the diverse bee population found in the area.

POCATELLO — The middle of January is a special time of year in Pocatello. It’s the time of year when four-wheel drive, heavy-duty diesel pickups take command of Pocatello’s ice-covered streets and a lot of talk in town is centered on potatoes and potato equipment.

REXBURG — Terry Wilcox, a local wheat grower, has “been recognized for achieving one of the highest 2018 wheat yields in the country,” according to a news release from WestBred.

NAMPA — Hops production in Idaho, Washington and Oregon reached a record high in 2018, according to the USDA. Idaho has surpassed Oregon in total area harvested by 415 acres.

PRESTON — When growing grapes in southeast Idaho it is important to remember you are growing grapes in southeast Idaho (Not a typo nor did I stutter). We just don’t have the growing season for much variety. Don’t expect grocery store grapes to be grown in your backyard. However, we can get g…

BISMARCK, N.D. — The resumption of soybean sales to China last week is encouraging to American farmers who have seen the value of their crop plummet amid a trade dispute with the world’s second-largest economy, but producers see it only as a small step and say they need more federal aid.

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Peas from his 2018 harvest sit in storage at Clark Hamilton’s farm in Bonneville County. He is awaiting the outcome of international trade negotiations.

The Enemy: In the spirit of CHRISTmas — holly, that is English holly (Ilex aquifolium). Holly is a perennial evergreen shrub that can grow into large trees. As we all have seen around the holidays, it has wavy and waxy leaves with small spines. This plant comes from woodlands in Europe, East…

PRESTON — Bob and Michael Newswander, of Preston, are being featured in a national drive to encourage Americans to know who their honey comes from.

BOISE (AP) — Two men have been charged with trafficking marijuana into Idaho even though they say they were transporting immature hemp plants from one out-of-state farm to another.

SALEM, Ore. — Concerns about pesticide drift are nothing new in agriculture, but the issue has taken on new gravity for Oregon farmers with marijuana-growing neighbors.

Fusarium head blight, also called scab, is a fungal disease that infects wheat and barley. The fungus produces the toxin deoxynivalenol, which causes some single-chambered stomach animals including horses, pigs and humans to vomit. It has been given the nickname “vomitoxin.”

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — From timber to spinach seed, local stakeholders say the $400 billion farm bill passed last week by Congress will be largely beneficial.

TUALATIN, Ore. — Rosa Villarreal’s three young sons jumped and ran around the field of Christmas trees like jackrabbits, their excitement palpable as they raced from evergreen to evergreen. The boys, ages 2, 4 and 6, were picking out a real tree this year — a new tradition their young parent…

LOGAN, Utah —As the Cache Water Conservancy District prepares to redo the water master plan, board member Jeannie Simmonds said conservation and instream flow will be important issues.

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Marc Staunton chatted with Jack Hawkins as the second-grader dug into his baked potato during lunch at Malin Elementary School.

WASHINGTON — After months of debate and negotiation, Congress voted final approval Wednesday to a massive farm bill that will provide more than $400 billion for agriculture subsidies, conservation programs and food aid.