Scouilar hires

JC Olson, business manager, Scoular feed ingredients division, talks about the new Emerge plant being constructed Thursday, June 3, 2021, in Jerome. The plant will be processing barley to make a protein ingredient to be used in pet food and aquaculture.

JEROME — Scoular is hiring at its Jerome processing plant. The plant will be making Emerge, a barley-based protein source for aquaculture and pet food.

Construction of the 15,000 square-foot plant is underway. Production is expected to begin in September, said JC Olson, Scoular feed ingredients division business manager.

“This is the newest, greatest thing to happen to barley in the last 20 years,” Olson said.

The company is looking for a laboratory technician and plant operators. The plant will employ 13 people and provide a new market for local barley growers. The plant will be operational 24-7.

Olson said during production all parts of the grain are utilized in a contained loop. The manufacturing process will also co-produce a liquid feed supplement for cattle feeders.

+2New Jerome facility to produce barley protein for animal feeds

New Jerome facility to produce barley protein for animal feeds

A massive grain company is building a new facility in Jerome that will produce barley protein concentrate for animal feeds.

Scoular recently finished a dog feeding trial that measured taste and nutrition levels, Olson said. Emerge met or exceeded all nutrition requirements set by pet food companies.

The product is highly digestible, meaning the animal can absorb a high percentage of the food, he said. The taste is neutral meaning no additives or masking agents need to be used.

In terms of aquaculture, Emerge is low in phosphorus. This means fish waste will not release large amounts of phosphorus into waterways, Olson said.

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