hay field (copy)

Windrows of hay wait to be baled in a field in Tremonton, Utah, on July 26. Drought compounded by an infestation of grasshoppers has hurt some local alfalfa farmers’ yields this year, contributing to a supply shortage and driving prices up to record highs.

Brent Rose and his family have worked the same land in the Park Valley area in northern Utah for six generations, and few times in that span has Mother Nature presented challenges as daunting as during the last couple of years.

The ongoing drought gripping the area has decimated yields of the hay they grow to feed their cattle. Like many of their neighbors, the Roses have no wells or canals to supply the water they need for their crops. They depend on snowmelt from the surrounding Raft River and Grouse Creek mountains to provide the water they need, and lately it just hasn’t been there in the quantities to which they’ve grown accustomed.

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