GRACE — Justin Stoddard started making plans to host an on-site COVID-19 vaccination clinic for his staff back in early January, after seeing farm workers were among the high priority groups for receiving shots.

POCATELLO — Jody Bunker decided to take action a couple of years ago when he went to enroll his daughter in a 4-H archery program and discovered Bannock County didn’t have one.

Macey Lamb is in 4H and FFA where she raises market lambs and breeding ewes.

Hadlie Nef recalls her first experience with horses was at age 4 or 5 when she rode her grandpa’s old farm horse named Buddy around the stack yard at his Rexburg-area farm.

I was reading a book recently about a man and wife and their experience managing a lighthouse. A lighthouse is a tower with a bright light at the top, located at an important or dangerous place regarding travel over the water. The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a navigatio…

Washington, D.C. – A few weeks ago, I released a comprehensive concept to resolve the salmon, energy and dam issues that have created tension in the Northwest for decades. It is meant to provide security for all stakeholders, end lawsuits and give Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead a chance f…

This is the first part in a three-part series about the Siddoway sheep ranch, focusing on the ranch’s origins. Part II, on finding ways to make ends meet, will run on March 12. Part III, addressing labor challenges in the sheep industry, will run on March 26.

This is the second part in a three-part series about the Siddoway sheep ranch, focusing on the ranch’s bottom line. Part III, addressing labor challenges in the sheep industry, will run on March 26.

BLACKFOOT — More potatoes are produced in Bingham County than any other county in Idaho and the United States and when it comes to spuds, Bingham is the center of the potato universe.

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The snow that usually comes in December and January has finally arrived at our home, now the middle of February! We had doubts that it would come this year. This snow brings back memories.

As I stepped out onto our back porch/wash room the other day, I thought something smelled rotten or dead. I asked Boyd, my husband, to take the dog’s dishes out to the garbage and throw them away as maybe that was where the problem originated.

We seldom had visitors come to the ranch. When we were first up there in the late 1950s, we didn’t have any means of communication with people in “the valley.” We were 20 miles away from Iona with no phones. I never felt isolated though, and it was rare that we had company. Our neighbors, Re…

AMERICAN FALLS — Beef lovers are in luck with the recent opening of Falls Town Beef, a family-owned business that offers both large and small orders to households around the area.

Looking out our window and seeing three large John Deere tractors ready to go when it’s time to feed the cattle, my mind wanders back many years. I remember by dad, Derrald Ricks, farming with horses. He would harness those horses up early in the morning, bring them home at noon, unharness t…

POCATELLO — East Idaho farmer Marquee Ricks has won the American Farm Bureau Federation Discussion Meet, an event that is meant to hone the public speaking and problem-solving skills of young farmers and ranchers.

Gracie Warnke is considering raising an unusual goat breed in 4H. “I really like to raise animals more than any other thing in 4H. I’ve raised breeding animals and market animals but this year I want to raise a Nigerian dairy goat because I wanted a smaller animal, and they are very cute,” s…

Adellyna Castillo is a second-generation 4Her whose mom and grandmother are leaders.

Helping her grandparents on their farm and ranch along with taking ag classes at Rigby High School is advancing Hailey Albertson to her ultimate career goal.

Jaycee Ferguson is learning organization, team work and drawing from her farm and ranch background to run for a high office in her FFA chapter.

In just two years in 4H, Eliana Castillo has completed three livestock projects and multiple family and consumer science projects involving baking, sewing and table settings.

Our daughter, Christine, put together a ZOOM meeting for our family at Thanksgiving time. It was a good thing to do as we had to cut down the amount of people who came to our home for Thanksgiving. This gave us the chance to visit and see them.

This definitely was a different Christmas from any that Boyd or I have ever experienced. Usually we have a group of 25 or more at our home on Christmas Eve to enjoy food, singing, reading of the Bible, and sharing and unwrapping gifts. This year there were five of us here at our home. Our da…

When Teton County looked at widening a county road, West 6000 South, by more than a foot on each shoulder, county officials knew that there would be impacts to adjacent wetlands near the headwaters of the Teton Rive and some mitigation would be required.

Cody Little and his three siblings play an important part at Dry Ridge Outfitters in Harriman Park.

Now that Thanksgiving is over with, I need to get serious about Christmas shopping. It isn’t always easy for me to buy Christmas gifts for my guys who work the soil and tend the cows.

Louis Becraft has always been interested in Parliamentary Procedure and now he’s on a competitive team.

Mara Hill enjoys flower and vegetable gardening so much that she’d like to have a career in both one day.

Ag classes and belonging to the Blackfoot High School FFA chapter, 4H and hands-on ranching and farming experience is preparing Ridge Mays for a career in agriculture.

Trent Pancheri’s 4H steer gained so much weight last summer, he was amazed. On auction day at the Butte County Fair in Arco, his Red Angus steer tipped the scale at 1,453 pounds.

Kellen Pancheri’s 1,370 pound 4-H market Steer was so tame he followed Kellen around more like a puppy than a steer.

Addison Pancheri, works hard throughout the summer and looks forward to spending time with friends at the Butte County 4H fair in Arco in the fall.

An association of nine Eastern Idaho canal companies should benefit greatly during the upcoming irrigation season from excess surface water shareholders stored in the aquifer during the past water year.

BOISE — Idaho Rural Water Association (IRWA) earns the 2020 State Association of the Year Award in the Awards of Excellence competition awarded by National Rural Water Association (NRWA). This is the second time IRWA has earned this award since its incorporation in Idaho in 1987.

Before knowing much about land trusts, Ashton farmer John Nedrow thought they were some kind of sinister force seeking to take over his farm and force landowners off their property.