A top official with the federal Bureau of Land Management signed a land exchange agreement Wednesday intended to continue phosphate fertilizer processing at J.R. Simplot Co.’s Don Plant near Pocatello for decades to come.

This is the time of year when there are a lot of family reunions going on. Those reunions are important in order to keep in touch with family, near and far. It brings a family closer together as they gather and visit, play games, eat and share memories. These reunions can be a three or four …

University of Idaho Extension cereals pathologist Juliet Marshall was initially pessimistic about East Idaho’s grain crops, as many fields were set back by early season frost and an extremely wet spring.

A ground-breaking ceremony was hosted Thursday afternoon for the planned Frigitek Cold Storage facility, which will be located in the business park at the Pocatello Regional Airport.

Kiley Roberts is looking forward to seeing the next president of the United States take the oath of office in Washington, D.C., this January.

“The hills are alive with the sound of music...” How about “The farms are alive with the sounds/aromas/visions of harvest.” Yes, harvest time is upon us. As you look around you can see hay bales in the fields and hay stacks being erected close to cattle enclosure. The air is full of the swee…

Riders have been practicing their riding skills before the first horse show in a series of shows in the Central Idaho Open Horse Show Association for kids and adults.

POCATELLO — A local veterans service organization has established a new military honor guard, which received a sizable donation Wednesday from Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho.

Richard Johnson’s corn crop is progressing well and Sam Reed’s dairy cows are still producing plenty of milk for making his family’s famous ice cream.

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Because Mary Swore’s older siblings were in FFA, to Mary, it feels like she’s been in the organization for a long time.

PRESTON — At a time when dairies are sharpening their pencils to stay in business and others are simply selling their herds, Jordan and Mandy Darrington have started up Udderworld Dairy on Hot Springs Road.

Sharae Jones took a baking and cooking day camp to learn more about baking at home.

As I was driving into Idaho Falls the other morning when it was raining hard, I got to thinking of how I loved rainy days. I was born and raised on the farm and loved that life! We never went on vacations like some people did, but if we had a rainy day where it rained enough to stop work in …

It’s hard to believe the amount of farming that can be observed by looking out the windows of the house. At the ranch, the area where the men work is large and spread out. It helps to be able to see the dust of their vehicles coming when it is time to serve a meal. It took me a few years to …

Alan Yan has been exploring a variety of subjects at American Falls High School in order to choose a career. He helps out his FFA chapter, manages the school’s greenhouse and works at his parent’s restaurant.

Living and working on the farm and ranch teaches us many things. We may work all summer long: tilling; planting, weeding, irrigating; and then a hail storm can wipe out all of those hours of work with the result of no harvest! No, that’s not fun, not even pleasant nor fair, but that is life.…

Wyatt Hunt owns a variety of animals, and even though he hasn’t decided on a career yet, he’s looking at animal-centered careers.

Most of the calves have been branded and with their mothers, have been moved to summer pasture. On our first trip to the ranch this spring, about the first of May, I wondered if we would even be able to get to the ranch. High snow banks lined the sides of the road and pastures were white wit…

The University of Idaho Extension office in Teton County will be hosting a roundtable discussion to address local food and agriculture topics of interest, following up on an April discussion centered mostly on our local food response to COVID-19 and progress towards a local meat processing f…

Last year, Ian Hurst earned the Agriculturist Award by scoring enough points over course of a few years in all six livestock categories at the Bonneville County Fair.

In her young life, Makinley Curtis has taken on five different 4-H projects in Jefferson and Bonneville counties, and this year, she’ll add a sixth.

In addition to classroom work, Juan Ramirez, welds items for the school and community, has competed on three FFA Career Development Events teams, works two after-school-jobs and helps his parents at home in their garden and with their chickens.

When my husband, Boyd, and I drove to the ranch the other day, I got to thinking of how I miss the rhythm of our life when we lived there with our children during the summers. Looking back, it seems those earlier rhythms were easier to follow and live with.

MILWAUKEE — The American Malting Barley Association Board of Directors has approved the addition of ABI Eagle to the list of recommended malting barley varieties for 2020.

FIRTH — Each April at the Reid Ranch, relatives and friends gather to brand the new calf crop the traditional way, with ropers on horseback and irons heated in an open fire.

Agricultural producers and others interested in Idaho agriculture are invited to attend the 2020 sessions of Ag Talk Tuesday, organized by University of Idaho Extension.

The community of Dehlin was homesteaded in the early 1900s through early 1920, and at one time there were 65 or more families living there. It is located 20 miles east of Iona, and the only way to get there at that time was horse and buggies on a rough, dirt road.

Shooting sports and horse projects keep Piper Palmer involved in 4-H all year long since shooting sports are taught in the winter and extend to the summer and horse projects which are mainly a summer activity.

Sofi Creager overcame a hesitation about riding unfamiliar horses and now helps others overcome their fears, too.

Last summer, Merrisa Schwartz completed a year as secretary of the Idaho 4-H State Teen Association, and this summer she’s completed her 4-H volunteer certification and works as a summer 4-H assistant at the Canyon County 4-H Extension office in Caldwell.

Logan Thornley recently won the Idaho state proficiency award in Equine Science.

POCATELLO — John Nelson found himself in an unusual position for a businessman preparing for a grand opening, as he sought to strike the right balance between fanfare and public safety amid a pandemic.

Idaho’s farmers and ranchers are trying to balance protecting their business interests against the health and welfare of their workers as planting and grazing season begins in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

REXBURG — At Christmas, during the Sutton family’s live nativity pageant, a sturdy little animal named Sunshine carries the wise men’s packs, symbolizing offerings of incense and myrrh.