Rowdy Telford


Rowdy Telford helps his dad raise cattle at home and learns from that and from ag classes he takes at Rigby Middle School.

Rowdy, 12, took his first ag class this year, taught by Madison Hall.

“It was real fun and Miss Hall’s real nice. We had a fun activity last week when we learned about electricity by using some copper tape to turn a light on,” he said.

Rowdy has used the Ag Explorer app on a computer to look into various careers in agriculture.

“You can pick a job on Ag Explorer and it gives you all kinds of information about it like salary and the jobs that are available,” he said. “That’s a pretty fun thing to look at, and you can even find a career on the Career Finder app by adding the hobbies and interests you like and it finds a career that fits you.”

If Rowdy were to pick a career today, it would be farming and ranching.

“I like farming and feeding cows,” Rowdy said. “You can learn a lot of life lessons being a farmer and a rancher.”

Telford’s parents, Mike and Stephanie Telford and family raise beef cattle.

“We have a little bit of every kind of breed. The cows have impacted my life pretty big,” Rowdy said. “We have a feedlot in Idaho Falls where we feed cows for people.”

Rowdy’s favorite time of year on the ranch is spring.

“Probably the most fun is checking cows during spring calving,” he said. “And I like to farm with my dad. We raise hay but we are going to try to raise some rye grass this year. It can be baled or ground into silage, or you can graze it off, too.”

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