Preston Anderson

Preston Anderson

Preston Anderson likes helping others.

Anderson, 16, contributes to Shelley High School’s FFA chapter by being a committee chairman. Next year, he’d like to run for vice president or president.

“I just like to help out others and being a contributor. I’d like to continue to be more involved in the future,” he said.

Anderson is taking mechanics taught by ag teacher Vince Wray and welding classes taught by ag teacher Lyle Zaugg. Along with other classmates in the ag department, he’s building a set of livestock panels and he and other classmates have built a specially designed trailer to haul them. His ag teachers and FFA advisers encouraged and supported his involvement in FFA.

“They’ve been a big help to me and have gotten me doing a lot of different things in school,” he said.

He’s considering a career in underwater welding. He’s also looking into mechanical fabrication at a program taught at the Lincoln Tech Technical Career School in Denver.

“I am really interested in welding and welding fabrication along with underwater welding, like underwater pipe welding, as a career,” he said.

Last year Anderson competed in an Idaho state FFA landscape design competition where students were tested on blueprints, how to use tools used landscape design, identify dozens of plants, diseases and pests.

“Then we planted some plants. Overall, it took four hours to finish,” he said. “It’s just a fun thing to do,” he said.

In his spare time, Preston likes to bow hunt and build things with Legos like small houses and model cars. Plus, he also welds small cars and airplanes that are sold at the annual ag department and FFA chapter auction and plant sale each spring.

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