Taylor Cannon

Taylor Cannon

Taylor Cannon is interested in a career in horse training.

She’s used career development events offered by the ag department at Shelley High School to further her education about horses and livestock in general.

“I made the team in horse judging but due to COVID-19 the state convention was cancelled last year,” she said. “I’m hoping we can go this year and I’m hoping to add livestock judging and compete on a few other judging teams too.”

Cannon, 17, is a senior and plans to study more about horses and horsemanship at one of three schools: Utah State University, Montana State University or University of Montana Western in Dillon.

“All three have really good horse programs. I want to study Natural Horsemanship and will take my Palomino mare Calypso and learn with her,” Cannon said.

For her senior project, Cannon has begun training Calypso in the natural horsemanship way to get a head start before she heads off to college. Calypso is 8 and Cannon has had her for five years.

“I want to learn to develop a stronger bond with my horse so that she listens more so when we get to college we’ll progress faster,” Cannon said.

Cannon said bonding starts with simple grooming.

“The most basic thing is grooming where horses learn that you can be trusted to not hurt them,” she said. “I’m very gentle when I groom and I talk to my horse. I also have music playing and keep everything constant and always the same so my horse knows what to expect.”

Cannon has experience in show jumping, working cows and reining.

She’s currently her school’s FFA chapter secretary where she’s gained valuable experience in planning and organizational skills.

“I’m in charge of taking minutes and putting together an agenda for the president to use during meetings. It takes a whole lot of organization and being prepared,” she said.

Her parents are Erin and Jason Cannon.

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