Cesar and Danielle Herrera are standing a horse of a different color at stud this year.

“Jazzy Beau Bleu is a bay roan and bay is pretty rare in Tennessee walkers,” said Danielle Herrera. “We actually looked all over the United States for a bay stallion and ended up finding him in Twin Falls.”

Jazzy Beau Bleu’s dam is Jazz Bay Lady by Jazz Man. His sire is Delights Bleu Magic from the Delight of Pride bloodline.

Finding the bay stallion locally was a twist of fate last year.

“My husband was in the hospital and a nurse there told him about a place in Twin Falls that had a couple really good colts for sale,” she said. “Beau was exactly what we wanted and had the right bloodlines so we’ve been thrilled to have him.”

Once Cesar Herrera was released from the hospital, the Herreras headed to Twin Falls to see their future stallion.

“I was lying in the back seat moaning and groaning the whole way because I’d just had surgery,” Cesar Herrera said. “I could have stayed home but I didn’t want to miss seeing those horses. I am sure glad I went.”

Danielle Herrera said their breeding program centers on gait and disposition.

“Most of my mares are from the Pusher line, which crosses really well with Beau’s bloodlines,” she said. “This is our first year breeding him so we don’t have any foals from him yet.”

Beau will be started under saddle this summer.

“He should be pretty easy,” she said. “He has a really sweet, people-pleasing disposition.”

“That’s what sold me on gaited horses,” Cesar Herrera said. “They are just so willing and friendly. This new guy fulfills all that as well as having great bloodlines and a very beautiful color. He’s the whole package.”

Both Cesar and Danielle are expecting a great gait and wonderful disposition. Danielle Herrera will do most of the actual work with Beau.

“Danielle is the heart and soul of our operation,” Cesar Herrera said. “She has a lot of knowledge about gaited horses and is totally involved every aspect of the horses. I work at Simplot in Pocatello and do what I can with the horses. But Danielle is the one who does all the real work with anything to do with them.”

The Herreras also are standing a 6-year-old Jack named Chico. His breed fee is $300.

“He is kind of pacey so he should help square up trotty gaited mares with the cross,” Cesar Herrera said.

Chico had been used for breeding draft horses until the Herreras bought him recently so they don’t know how his gaited offspring will be. However, they really like Chico so they expect excellent offspring.

As well as breeding gaited horses, the Herreras buy various breeds of gaited horses from around Kentucky and Tennessee. When they go to get them or bring them back, they often have space to transport other horses and advertise the vacancies on their Facebook page.

“We mainly get Tennessee walkers and some Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain horses,” Cesar Herrera said. “We occasionally get a Missouri Fox Trotter but there are a lot of fox trotter breeders around here so we don’t try to compete with them.”

The Herreras carefully select horses that will be good trail mounts.

“We are all about trail riding,” Cesar Herrera said. “We want good minded, smooth horses for people to enjoy on the trail. We are particular about what we bring in.”

Each horse is quarantined on their farm for 30 days upon arrival.

“They get all their shots and other medical needs taken care of immediately,” he said. “We get their feet done and Danielle, weather permitting, likes to give them two baths with special shampoos to remove anything they might have brought in with them.”

Next, a trainer rides and trains the new horses for whatever time is deemed necessary to make them great trail horses for perspective owners.

“We think gaited horses are the most perfect animals for the trail,” Cesar Herrera said. “We are doing all we can to introduce people around here to that incredible, smooth ride. We think everybody should go gaited.”

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