Last month from June 6 - 10th Madison FFA members traveled to Moscow Idaho to compete against other FFA chapters in CDE’s (career development events) hosted by the University of Idaho.

CDE’s, also known as Career Development Events, are competitions designed to teach FFA members skills that they can use in their future careers. Twelve CDE events were held at the University of Idaho this year. Madison FFA participated in five.

In Livestock Evaluation, Madison’s team was Wyatt Wetzel, Brooke’Lynn Niederer, Jayden Mitchell, and Dillon Cheney.

The Forestry CDE involves many skills used in the forestry profession. These skills include tree and tool identification, map reading, compass and pacing, log scaling, and timber cruising. Madison was represented in this event by Elizabeth Becraft, Bret Bagley, James Bunnell, Ethan Parker, and Margaret Ruebush. The team took 10th place.

In Ag Mechanics, members are tested in skills such as Tig welding, Mig Arc welding, small gas engines, electrical wiring, plastic pipe plumbing and tool identification. Ethan Warn, Diego Rodriguez, and Kabe Clark participated in this event.

Students who participated in the Meats Technology CDE identified and graded cuts of meat and placed four classes of carcasses. Madison FFA members Bella Mickelson, Wyatt Wetzel, Brooke’Lynn Niederer, and Jayden Mitchell placed 10th in this competition.

Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) is a CDE where students develop their understanding of issues affecting the environment and learn how to recommend healthy treatments for these issues. During the competition members complete a site analysis, GPS course, soil analysis, animal and tool identification, and exam. Team members Shalani Wilcox, Elizabeth Becraft, Cassie Rasmusson, and Margaret Ruebush participated in this event. Cassie was 14th high individual, Margaret and Elizabeth tied for 3rd, and Shalani was 1st. With these scores this team won the State Championships in this event and will be competing at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana this fall. The ENR team will represent Madison FFA, Madison High School, our community, and the State of Idaho for the first time in this Chapter’s history. This is a great accomplishment for our students and coaches, Harold Rose and Jason Bair.

This ENR team is Madison FFA’s third team this year to win a State Championship. The other teams, Ag Sales and Chapter Parliamentary Procedure, won their State Championships in April during the State Leadership Conference. All three teams will compete during the previously mentioned National FFA Convention in October.

The members of Madison FFA would like to thank the advisors, coaches, school faculty, and administration for their support of our program during this year. They have given much of their time to prepare and support the Madison FFA Chapter students and made their success possible.