OLYMPIA, Wash. (USDA) — Continued rainfall saturated fields throughout Idaho during the past week, slowing planting, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service said in its weekly Crop Weather report Monday.

Idaho farmers had only 3.1 days suitable for field work, NASS reported.

Subsoil moisture indications trended toward the surplus side and slowed spring field work.

The cooler temperatures delayed potato planting as producers waited for more heat.

The northern portion of the state remained very wet from recent rains and snowmelt. Some top-dressing by plane proceeded. Grass and winter wheat grew nicely in the warmer parts of Boundary County. Heavy rains caused localized flooding and saturated soils in Latah County.

Onion seeding continued in southwest Idaho.

Rain also slowed planting progress in south-central Idaho. The moisture was great for cereals and other crops already planted.

There was still quite a bit of snow in portions of eastern Idaho. Teton and Bear Lake counties observed some melting on the valley floors. Some planting equipment moved into the drier fields of Oneida County. Jefferson County also continued to report late planting and a slower growing season.

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