Tags for Christmas trees can be bought for $5 at Salmon-Challis National Forest offices in Challis, Leadore, Mackay and North Fork and participating vendors and for $10 at Sawtooth National Forest offices and participating vendors.

Vendors for the Salmon-Challis Forest include Cycle, Sleds and Saws, Murdoch’s and Service Grocery in Salmon, the Tendoy Store in Tendoy, the Stage Shop in Leadore and Sammy’s Mini-Mart in Mackay. Vendors for the Sawtooth Forest include the Lower Stanley Country Store in Stanley.

Households can buy up to two tags for the Salmon-Challis Forest and one tag for the Sawtooth Forest. Tags are nonrefundable. The tags may be used in any open area administered by the Forest Service in either forest.

Trees can’t be cut within 300 feet of campgrounds, streams, lakes or ponds, within 100 feet from either side of a main road, within 200 feet of U.S. Highway 93 or within one-third of a mile from the Salmon River Road.

The Forest Service requires the cut be made below the lowest live limbs. Do not cut trees eight inches or greater in diameter at the four-and-half feet mark above the ground. Do not top-cut trees.

Areas where cutting is prohibited are all areas on a firewood map designated as closed to fuel wood cutting and gathering.

Once a tree is cut the signed tag must be placed around the stem or a branch in a way that removal will destroy it.