Zoe Scott

Zoe Scott

Zoe Scott’s goal is to become a veterinarian.

Scott, 17, has volunteered at the Idaho Falls Zoo for the past three years and has become very interested in the zoo’s exotic animals. The zoo is known for its conservation programs, she said.

“It’s been very helpful for me to learn more about exotic animals. It’s helped solidify my desire to go into an animal related field,” she said.

Scott, is a senior and began taking agriculture classes at Technical Careers High School as a junior. Some of the classes she’s taken are zoology, equine and animal science classes, advanced equine sciences and veterinary science.

“Right now my sights are set on becoming a veterinarian but I’d like to do anything with animals,” she said. “I have always loved them; there’s just something entertaining and fun about animals.”

While Scott loves dogs, horses, goats and chickens, she’d like working with any animal as a large and small veterinarian. She’s deciding between going to Idaho State University or the University of Idaho for her undergraduate work, and then apply to the veterinary medicine program at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.

Scott and her parents Clark and Jill Scott of Ririe have a lot of animals on their 10 acres and Scott hopes to have more animals and land in the future.

“I want to have a good chunk of land one day and run cattle and maybe even have a horse rescue operation,” she said.

Scott spends her spare time riding horses, being with friends and reading.

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