REXBURG — Terry Wilcox, a local wheat grower, has “been recognized for achieving one of the highest 2018 wheat yields in the country,” according to a news release from WestBred.

By winning the National Wheat Foundations 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest, Wilcox won a paid trip to Orlando, Fla. During his visit there he will go to the 2019 Commodity Classic.

In terms of the Spring Wheat — Irrigated category, Wilcox placed third with his variety on a WestBred titled WB9668. According to the release, Wilcox has pinned his winning yield of 193.38 Bu/A on his WB9668.

There are several categories in the competition including Winter Wheat — Dryland, Winter Wheat — Irrigated, Spring Wheat — Dryland and Spring Wheat — Irrigated.

“Winners were determined by evaluating the yield percentage increase above the USDA NASS,” the release stated.

This is the third time Wilcox has come home with a National Wheat Yield Contest award. He also won second place in 2016 and 2017.

“Wheat growers require high-performance varieties, ensuring they can continue to provide an abundant, quality crop,” says Dr. Jeff Koscelny, Global Wheat Commercial Strategy Lead and WestBred Wheat Business Lead. “Wilcox achieved one of the highest wheat yields in the country this year, and we’re proud that he did so with a WestBred variety. We look forward to celebrating his remarkable achievement at Commodity Classic this winter.”

Wilcox said he enjoys his time growing wheat.

“We enjoy growing Hard Red Spring Wheat, and WB9668 has easier protein,” Wilcox said. “The premiums associated with protein levels above 14 percent were an incentive for us, along with the variety’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. I consider WB9668 to be the Cadillac of wheat varieties.”

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