RIGBY — Rigby FFA students were recognized at the annual Rigby FFA Chapter banquet March 6. Listed below were students recognized and the awards received.

2018 State Career Development Events:

Ag Mechanics: First in state — Jason Brown, Eli Gallup, Brock Godfrey, Cody Cude.

Forestry: First in state — Jordan Gardner, Tony Worthen, Dillon Johnson, Leann Johnston.

Veterinary Science: Third in state — Aubrey Scott, Kyle Davie, Abby Klukis, Cordell Campbell.

Dairy Cattle Evaluation: Fourth in state — Dallee Hogge, Madison Weiers, Tucker Lindsey, Grace Bagley.

Environmental Natural Resources: Fourth in state — Alesha Kisner, Jordan Gardiner, Tessa Peterson, Aubrey Scott.

Meats: Fifth in state — Dallee Hogge, Abby Klukis, Kyle Davies, Audrey Godfrey.

Dairy Foods: Seventh in state — Darcy Godfrey, Porter Hogge, Lindzy Christensen, Spencer Steel.

Agronomy: Seventh in state — Dillon Johnson, Kaylie Holloway, Tony Worthen, Brayden Thomas.

Livestock Evaluation: Grace Bagley, Madison Weiers, Lindzy Christensen, Riley Jones.

Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Awards:

Western Region Champion: Kyle Reeves

Western Region Silver: Morgan McKenna

Western Region Bronze: Eli Gallup

State Soils and Range:

Range Evaluation: First in state — Grace Bagley, Morgan Thomas, Dallee Hogge, Tucker Lindsey.

Soils Evaluation: Fourth in state — Cody Cude, Brayden Thomas, Aubrey Godfrey, Darcy Godfrey.

National Convention 2018:

Model of Excellence: Top 10 chapter in the nation

Conduct of Chapter Meetings: Fifth gold — Ben Wells, Brayden Thomas, Tad Nelson, Brigham Nelson, Darcy Godfrey, MacKay Olaveson, Madison Weiers, Skylar Bowman.

Farm Business Management: Sixth gold — Abby Klukis, Alesha Kisner, Tucker Lindsey, Brett Warner.

Ag Mechanics: Ninth gold — Eli Gallup, Brock Godfrey, Cody Cude, Jason Brown.

Forestry: 12th — Dillon Johnson, Dalton Johnson, Tony Worthen, Leann Johnston

American Degrees: Abby Johnston and Margaret Mackin.

State Leadership Convention 2019:

Extemporaneous Speaker: Talon Anderson.

Prepared Public Speaking: Grace Bagley.

State Officer candidates: Tony Worthen, Tucker Lindsey.

State Degree recipients: Grace Bagley, Sierra Burton, Eli Gallup, Audrey Godfrey, Dallee Hogge, Kaylie Holloway, Morgan McKenna, Ashley Meyers, Kyle Reves, Cameron Stephens, Brenden Taylor.

District Star candidates—Star Agri-Placement— Eli Gallup; Star Farmer—Kaylie Holloway.

Proficiencies: Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication —Jaxon Fallis; Diversified Crop Production Placement —Tucker Lindsey; Diversified Ag Production Placement —Logan Cottle; Beef Production Entrepreneurship — Landon Smith; Beef Production Placement — Luke Smith; Specialty Crop Production Placement — Eli Gallup.

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