Question: I enjoyed your column on bulbs. I would love to plant bulbs in containers, both for indoor and outdoor flowering. Could you explain how to successfully grow bulbs in containers?

A few weeks ago, a new friend of mine asked me to make beer-can chicken. He had never had it before and had always wanted to try it. At first, I was surprised because, to me, beer-can chicken is as common as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But then, I posed the question to the other peop…

Fall is in the air, and with it an urge to get organized, clean up sloppy summer habits and knock our schedules into shape. One way to feel like you've got some semblance of order at home is to master The Big Supermarket Shop.

There’s no better way to enjoy fall’s abundant apple harvest than in a towering deep-dish pie. Unfortunately, this dessert often yields unevenly cooked, shrunken apples swimming in an ocean of their own exuded juices atop a pale, soggy crust.

To develop a bone-in chicken breast recipe that produced moist meat, crisp skin, and a quick pan sauce, we turned to pan roasting, where the chicken is browned in a skillet on the stovetop and then slid, skillet and all, into a very hot oven to finish cooking.

Sometimes I forget about frozen spinach. I always have frozen corn and frozen peas on hand, but frozen spinach falls off the radar from time to time. The good news is that then I get to rediscover it.

Question: I have a lawn which is thin is some areas and has coarse weeds in others. Is there a way to improve my lawn without completely replanting as you suggested in a recent article?

Question: I want to plant a lawn at my new home. Should I wait until spring or plant now? Should I plant from seed or sod? What kind of soil preparation is best?

This time of year, I could live on tomato sandwiches. But it's hard to make a sandwich out of cherry tomatoes, and I have loads of cherry tomatoes. I don't know what it is, but I can't resist buying them when I see them at the farmer's market. If you are like me and have a glut of cherry tom…

Question: I have attached an article about tomatoes which recommends planting tomatoes in partial shade for best yields. I have always planted mine in full sun. Would I be better off to give partial shade? What about the other recommendations in the article?

Question: My neighbor says I am damaging my trees with my line trimmer. Can I damage my trees with my line trimmer?

Question: I have a very limited area for outdoor planting so I plant a lot of flowers and vegetables in containers. They seem to do well until about late July when plants start turning yellowish and go downhill. I use new potting soil every year. Do you have any suggestions?

Question: I have a hydrangea plant which has gotten too large for its location. Are there hydrangeas which don’t get so large? I cut it back two years ago and it is just as large again now. I have been told there are new varieties which will flower all summer. Will they survive in our climate?