To apply some modern tricks to old-school chicken salad, we turned to our spice rack. Most spices boast an impressive portfolio of phytonutrients_often the very same compounds that give them such potent flavor.

No one will miss the meat when they take their first bite of these ultra-savory, Japanese-inspired rice burgers packed with edamame and infused with fresh ginger, sesame, and the distinct taste of nori, a type of dried seaweed.

Question: My apple trees have a lot of fruit this year. What do I need to do to get larger fruit size? How do I keep fruit worm free?

A chopped salad, where every ingredient is cut into pieces of about the same size, offers the perfect mixture of flavors and textures in every bite. However, some vegetables get watery and soggy when you chop and dress them, and require extra attention.

Question: I recently purchased a home with a neglected landscape. Most of the shrubs are overgrown. Some are blocking windows and growing over sidewalks. I have received a variety of advice. I can’t afford to remove everything and start over, although I can afford to replace some shrubs. I w…

In Mexico, vendors sell this messy, cheesy, utterly delicious grilled corn from carts. To bring this street food to the home kitchen, we broiled the corn on the cob instead of heading out to the grill, first brushing it with oil to keep it from drying out.

Question: I have discolored leaves on several plants and the leaves are starting to drop. I don’t see any insects. Is there a disease affecting them?

Traditional tandoori chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices and roasted in a superhot tandoor oven to produce tender, flavorful meat and a beautiful char. To make it at home, we built a fragrant paste, blooming ginger and garlic in oil before adding garam masala, cumin and chili powder.

Designers are playing with the idea of nautical decor in new ways, with furnishings and style notes that say “classic contemporary” instead of “kitschy cute.”

Question: I finally had an automatic irrigation system installed after years of pulling hoses. How should I operate my new system for maximum efficiency? I see many of my neighbors irrigating every day. Is that really necessary?

There’s probably no recipe that better showcases salt and pepper working in multiple ways and together than Chinese salt and pepper shrimp, an enticing dish of plump, moist fried shrimp with shells as shatteringly crispy — and appealing to eat — as fried chicken skin, and a killer savory-spi…

Question: I plan to purchase three 10 to 12-foot trees in larger pots. I haven’t planted trees before. Could you give me some suggestions on planting and staking my new trees?

Question: Many of my neighbors have lawn mowing service. Their lawns are nicely edged, but the best looking lawn in the neighborhood is taken care of by the owner. It has fewer weeds and always has a nice dark green color. I know he mows his lawn taller. What else do you suggest to have a to…

Question: I would like to incorporate ornamental grasses in several areas of my landscape. Could you recommend which varieties are adapted to our climate?

Brownies are controversial territory to chart: Some like them cakey and light in flavor — more of a snack than a rich dessert; some like them moist and chewy; and others, the biggest chocoholics, like them to be purely decadent — almost as dense as fudge and deliciously dark.

In theory, barbecued chicken kebabs sound pretty great: char-streaked chunks of juicy meat lacquered with sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. But without an insulating layer of skin, even the fattiest thigh meat can dry out and toughen when exposed to the blazing heat of the grill —and forget ab…

Question: I read an article about how corporate crop development systems are reducing the biodiversity of our food crops and setting us up for catastrophic crop failures. What is your opinion about these kinds of developments?

A delicate tangle of grassy pea greens forms the basis of this salad, complemented by fresh peas, endive, and a warm, fruity vinaigrette that both offsets the faintly bitter quality of the pea greens and lightly wilts them.

Buttery, nutty chickpeas make a great foundation for a satisfying veggie burger. A touch of curry powder adds a hint of warm spice. Panko are crispy Japanese-style bread crumbs—they help hold the patties together.

American-style potato salad, thickly dressed with mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish, is archetypal picnic fare and will always have a place on summer tables. But we've cooked (and eaten) piles of it over the years, and these days we yearn for something lighter and fresher to serve with gril…

Question: I have decided that we spend too much time and money on our lawn and solving its problems. Could you give some suggestions on developing a lawn-free landscape?

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Question: I want to plant my vegetables early this year so my tomatoes have more time to ripen. How soon can I plant tomatoes outside?

Question: My lawn is weedy and full of thatch. What can I do this spring to give it a boost and develop a first class lawn?

Question: I would like to grow more of my own fruit but my back yard is only 15 feet by 40 feet. What would you recommend that I grow?

Perhaps an arbitrary number of cloves, the 40 in this French dish are iconic; while the chicken braises, the generous cloves become appealingly soft and spreadable. But their flavor is often spiritless.

Question: I have shrubs which have become overgrown and need to be pruned. I have been told there are some shrubs which should not be pruned in the winter or spring. What can I prune now?

There's no reason why a vegetable lasagna made with the classic trio of eggplant, zucchini, and summer squash should be any less satisfying than a meat-based casserole, especially when the produce is in season and locally grown.

Question: All my shrubs lose their leaves in the winter. When I lived in Oregon I had shrubs and ground covers that kept their leaves year round. Are there shrubs that keep their leaves year round that will grow in eastern Idaho?

Question: I have three apple trees that I planted three years ago. I don’t know how to prune them. Could you give me some guidance on apple tree pruning? When is a good time to prune them?

Chicken Florentine is a buffet-line favorite featuring chicken breast and spinach in a mild cream-and-Parmesan sauce—sometimes stuffed inside, sometimes stacked on top. All of these components are good, but this dish can often be stodgy (think old-fashioned casserole) or fussy (involving dre…

Question: I have trouble finding plants of the newer award winning varieties of vegetables in local garden stores. I would like to start some of my own plants from seeds. Could you outline some procedures for successfully starting plants inside?

Question: I have dried herbs that I have saved from plants I grew outside last summer. However, I prefer using fresh herbs. Are herbs hard to grow in pots in a sunny window?

Question: I am going to start some bulbs and seeds inside for the first time. I am confused by the number of different kinds of planting mix. Could you recommend how to select the best mix for bulbs and seeds? When should I begin planting so they will be ready to plant outside in May?

Seven new vegetables have been given awards for 2019 by All-America Selections, the non-profit testing organization for new flower and vegetable varieties. All seven of them are early enough to mature in our short season climate.

Question: My indoor plants seem to be languishing in the dark winter weather. The leaves are dull and a lot of leaves are dropping off. Is there anything I can do to perk them up?

Question: I was advised to cut down on fertilizer for my indoor plants in the winter because of a slower growth rate. I have not fertilized since early November. When should I begin fertilizing my indoor plants again? Do you recommend a particular indoor plant fertilizer?

Question: I have trouble deciding when to water my indoor plants. I especially seem to lose more indoor plants this time of year. Could you give me some suggestions?

Question: I need help in selecting trees for my new landscape. I don’t have room for 50 foot trees on my small lot. Could you suggest some smaller size trees which I can plant next spring?

Question: I am concerned about the deterioration of my indoor plants that seems to happen about this time every year. Do I need to fertilize them more?