Looking back

100 years ago

A burglary at the Fair Store in downtown Idaho Falls this week in 1919 was foiled by a quick call to the Idaho Falls Police and a trip to the railroad depot where a suspect, a 19-year-old identifying himself as Edward Blair, was apprehended. In his confession, Blair said he gained access through a rear window and spent about five hours in the store the night of Jan. 12, helping himself to about $300 in men’s furnishings. Store owner Barney Gesas discovered the break-in around 11 a.m. on Monday. Police found Blair waiting for a southbound train with two suitcases from the store. Blair told them he had an accomplice directing his movements in the store, but refused to divulge a name.

75 years ago

Sgt. Earl J. Paulsen, 25, of Arco was stateside for a visit with his mother in Salt Lake City with a harrowing tale of a bombing raid on Vienna. Paulsen was one of the six crew members who opted to stay with their crippled plane, making it back to a friendly field in Italy. Five other crew members bailed out and had presumably been captured, he said. While Paulsen had taken part in the raid on the Ploesti oil fields and the railyards outside Rome and Messina, the run on the airplane factory outside Vienna was by far the toughest. “Those boys (anti-aircraft gunners) really could shoot,” he told the Associated Press. From Italy, Paulsen and his crewmates were flown back to their base in Tunisia.

50 years ago

In advance of the Super Bowl game between the old school Baltimore Colts and the upstart New York Jets, the Post-Register conducted an informal poll of six random people to ask who they thought would win. The breakdown was as follows:

John Jordan, Route 1: Jets (“I feel that the Jets are a stronger team and that Baltimore will have a hard time containing Joe Namath’s passing.”)

Mrs. Walter Mann, Star Route: Jets (“Joe Namath is a great passer.”)

Eugene Koon, Great Falls, Mont.: Colts (“All-around striker team.”)

Peggy Siddoway, Emerson Avenue: Colts (“I feel that their ‘new’ quarterback, Earl Morral, will give them sufficient poise.”)

E.J. “Cap” Moore, Idaho Falls: Jets (“By a close margin.”)

Mrs. Art Staley, Contour Avenue: Colts (“Earl Morral has done a fine job.”)

The game’s final score was Jets 16 Colts 7.

25 years ago

Calls were running strongly in favor of a late night curfew for youths in Idaho Falls and Bonneville County. In response to a rash of youth-related crimes, the county board of commissioners had called for public input. By 9 a.m. the morning of Jan. 13, 1994, the yeas outpolled the nays 34-4. Callers on both sides of the issue said they wanted parents held responsible. “I’m in favor of it,” said Sheriff Byron Stommel. “But I’m only in favor of it if the city does the same thing.”

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”

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